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      "I have something to apologize for."

      Nova looked up curiously at her twin, raising her brow. She couldn't remember anything he needed to apologize to her for. Had he done something without her knowledge? No. She held back her snort. Theo doing anything without her knowing was impossible. She knew everything he did. 

      "You do? What for?"

      Theo plopped down next to her on the bench at breakfast, giving her a smile as she immediately began making a plate of what she knew he liked to eat. "For not being around much. I know I've been hanging around Daphne more and even she noticed that I wasn't spending enough time with you."

      Nova bit her lips to keep from chuckling softly. "That's what you're apologizing for?"

      He blinked. "Well...yeah."

      This time she couldn't help it. Her chuckle was quiet in the large Great Hall, but still loud enough to be heard by her twin, who raised a brow at her reaction. "Theo, this is your first real relationship. Of course you're going to be spending more time with her than with me. And I also know that unlike me, you've got a great capacity for love. If I was bothered by it, I would have said something." At his look of disbelief, she grinned. "What, you think I wouldn't?"

      "No, no, that's not it," he replied, shaking his head. "I was just not expecting you to be so okay with this." He accepted the plate she offered him and brought a piece of bacon up to his lips. "And don't think I did't hear that little quip about not being able to love. I still think you and Malfoy - nevermind." He stopped his words short when he realized the murderous look on her face was directed towards him. "So not Malfoy then. What happened between the two of you, anyway?"

      "You didn't hear?"

      Theo gave her a sheepish look, shaking his head. "I was with Daphne most of this week."

      Nova rolled her eyes. "I just finally got around to telling him that he should move on. It's not fair to him to keep him waiting, and it isn't fair to me to keep that guilt on my conscience."

      "Well, good. I'm glad you finally did something to make yourself happy."

      That was what she needed. If Malfoy hated her, if her father hated her, hell even if she hated herself, at least Theo was okay with her decision. She felt lighter as his words met her ears, registering in her brain. 

     "And if it isn't Malfoy, I don't think that means you're incapable of feeling that way," he mentioned, sipping his juice afterwards. "I think it just means you haven't met the right person."

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