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      Theo and Nova still weren't speaking.

      It was the longest they'd ever been in an argument. In fact, Nova couldn't remember the last time they had been in an argument. He had been stone cold that morning, ignoring her in favor of Daphne Greengrass as she chatted about something pointless. Naturally, since Theo was ignoring her, it meant Nova felt more alone than ever.

      Apparently, her loneliness was so great that Hermione Granger thought it was necessary to comment on it. During Charms, Granger had plopped down int he seat next to her. Nova had sent a malicious eyebrow raise, but since Malfoy wasn't paying attention and Theo wasn't in Charms with them, Nova didn't care much who saw Granger sitting next to her.

      "What're you doing here?" Nova asked, though not rudely. Her tone suggested mild disinterest.

      "Harry's angry with me because I'm right," Granger responded, and Nova noticed her eyebrows were drawn together in frustration. "He just doesn't understand that angering Umbridge is the worst idea he's ever had."

      Nova simply shrugged. On one hand, she agreed with Granger. Harry was an idiot for provoking Umbridge, especially since he knew what her punishments were. However, on the other hand, she knew she wouldn't be able to sit back and say nothing if someone called her a blatant liar. "It's come to my attention that she's going to give him detention whether he does something or not. She's not exactly his biggest fan."

       Granger seemed to consider the idea, quietly chewing on her lip as she turned to her Charms book. Once the class had ended, Granger immediately caught up with Potter and Weasley, for what Nova assumed was to make amends. At the thought of this, her eyes shot towards Theo, who was walking into the Transfiguration room in front of her.

      "Theo?" she whispered, so no one else heard her. "Are you still mad at me?"

      "I was never mad," he replied in a tone that suggested otherwise. "Just frustrated."

      "Are you sure?" Nova asked, following him into the classroom. "Because I can handle it if anyone else is angry with me, but not you. In fact, I might have a total meltdown. Right in the middle of the Great Hall. And then imagine the letter you'll get from Father then."

      It worked. The joke made Theo snort, turning to her with an amused look on his face. "You're joking. I don't think I've heard you tell a joke in like five years."

      "It's known to happen sometimes." She instantly felt ten times lighter. Fighting with her twin was one of her least favorite things. The two of them walked into McGonagall's classroom, Nova following Theo to a desk. As he sat down, she stayed standing, her eyes questioning. She didn't know if he had forgive her completely or if he still needed his space.

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