Chapter 16

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Today is my doom day. The day I die. The day where I know if my mum is going to kill me, bury me alive or disown me. The presentation day. Today is Thursday, the presentation day that is, our volcano presentation but in a way am also happy because we will be going home for our winter break so am cool but I just pray am gonna do well on this project. After the almost kissing incident, I and scott have been kinda a little distant from each other and its so annoying cause I miss him so yh. "Taylor, michelle, please I need your help" "what happened?" Taylor said "my chemistry project, its almost finished thanks to ditching math but now we ar submitting it in the next five minutes"I said panicking"calm down. It's not like she's going to give you detention" "michelle!" "Oh my God. Detention then I'll be expelled from school and then my mum disowns me and then I'll live on the streets and no one will marry me and the-" "mia!!" "Yes?" I realized I was about to have a panic attack"calm down.  What's remaining to do on the project "its just to switch on the fuse that will make the volcano erupt "seriously. Is that what you were worried about?" "Yes" "God. Mia seriously? " "what?" "Just to switch on the fuse. God.come here, let me show you" and then Michelle started putting in the wires and everything and then was about to switch it in but then I remembered if I switched it on now, it was going to erupt "michelle wait!" "What now? "Don't switch it on now. If yoi switch it on, it will erupt" "isn't that what you want?  "Yes. But not noe. By the way, thanks a lot"and then the alarm went off"thanks again. Love you guys, bye" and then I left for class .

I entered into the class but Scott wasn't there and we were about to start the presentation of the project "! Ethan and miriam. Your up"the teacher said and then started calling other names "scott scott. Where are you?" "Emilia and scott. Your up" "mam, my partner isn't here" "well without your partner, you will fail." "Ok man. Please let's be the last people to be called up" "ok" "thanks. Excuse me mam. I'm going to look for my partner" and so I went out the door and started looking for him but I wasn't surprised at what he was doing, I was hurt and jealous and I don't know why. He was making out with ashley and am I not good enough for him to kiss me and so with all my anger, I went up to him. I couldn't see his face so I poured out all of my anger"scott your an asshole,  a manwhore. I have been looking for you for the past 10 minutes and now I find you here making out with her. I almost failed the project because of you and am sorry if am not good enough for you to kis-. Please try and suck her face off for 5 minutes cause that's when we are presenting the project" and then I turned and was about to leave but then I froze because I just saw scott coming out from the bathroom and then I turned back to see who I was talking to and it was Tony the quarterback of the school. I really didn't know what to do so I ran out of there and went back to the classroom and then I sat down but immediately,scott entered amd then his eyes landed on me and then a smirk came up on his face and right now all I wanted was for the ground to open and just swallow me cause I was blushing I was freaking blushing and he saw me blushing"Emilia and scott" and then we submitted our project and got an A and am so happy and the rest of the day passed like a blur. Unfortunately, mum came back today and so am leaving"mia, yiur mum's here" sarah said and then I knew it was time for me to go but first, I stopped at scott's room "hey scott, am leaving.  Thanks for everything and you weren't really that bad staying with.  Bye" I said but was about to keave when he dragged me back and hugged me and I mean a real hug and so I also hugged him back "thanks for everything also" and then we left each other and I went home.

"Mia, so how was the house"mum said "it was okay.I actually enjoyed staying with scott. He wasn't that bad" !"ok. If you say so. Why don't you make dinner for us" "ok" so I made dinner and was happy cause we had closed for school this semester and I could sleep in tomorrow and so I slept off.

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