Chapter 9

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As we approached Taylor's house, I was kinda nervous cause I.didn't know if I cleaned up well so I started checking myself up 'dude, since when did you start caring about how nice you cleaned up or if you put too much cologne on" and then I came.back to reality and then I realised we had parked already so I and the.boys came out of the car and then she walked out of the house looking so beautiful and confident and then I realised she was checking me out so I said "like what you see" and smirked "yh, if It helps you sleep at night" she said and I fought back the urge to roll my eyes 'yh yh' . We reached the party and as soon as we entered, I was about to leave her  when she held me  back  "hey, you can't leave me here all by myself" I rolled my eyes. I cant stay with her all night gotta get laid . I then said "of course I can" "but you invited me"she said "but I didn't say I would stay with you. I thought I was even helping" I said and left. I felt bad how I talked to mia and I didn't know if I should go back and apologise so instead of thinking I shrugged it off I can apologise through a text so I continued my party not knowing how bad the party was going to turn out.

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