Chapter 18

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"Mia. Mia!!!, wake up, wake up!!!" I swear I am going to kill that person who is waking me up "what!!!" I shouted at the person but saw it was my mum and then I Laughed nervously "hi mum. Morning! " I said nervously "but then she gave me her stink eye " you almost beat me up" "sorry mum but you know that I hate it when a person wakes me up and I haven't gotten my proper sleep" she just rolled her eyes "stand up. We have to get ready.  We are spending the whole with our neighbor" "what!!!" "Common, its not a big deal. We'll just go out, have brunch, talk and that's all" "mum please I don't want to go" "well too bad for you cause your going.  Now get your butt up and get ready" "fine" "good" and then she left. I really didn't want to go
But what choice do I have and so I got ready and went downstairs and then I saw him, alec and he was looking hot but not as hot as scott. "Hi mia" "hi alec. How are you? " "am great now that I've seen you" "seriously, that's your pickup line" " it working? " "nope" "ok" "mia, alec, its time to go" "okay mum" and so we went to the park, we ate and talked and I actually got to know alec a lot more better and we became more close "hey mum uhm, am going to scott's beach house on monday and I'll be staying for two weeks" "ok baby. You can go with alec. It'll be fun". I didn't want alec to come. Two hot damn sexy boys, that's too much "I don't think so mum. I mean alec is busy right. He just moved" "its okay.  I can actually come. You can come and help me get settled in well that's if your free" "yh honey, your on winter break.  You can help them and he can go with you to the beach house. You don't mind right?" "No I don't. Am okay""okay" and so we went home and I went off to bed.
Sorry guys for the short chapter.  School's back and it's so annoying.  Love you guys♥♥♥

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