Chapter 2

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I made my way out of  the girl's bathroom careful to not see my doom and so after I knew I was saved, kinda, I decided to go to my next class before lunch. As soon as I stepped in, I realized I had this class with him, Scott Ryder and I then sat down with Ally, my partner in chemistry but unfortunately the teacher had to replace our partners and my own partner was my doom, Scott Ryder and then the teacher gave us a project that we have to do with our partners and the project was to make a volcano and then on the day of the presentation, we show them how the volcano erupts and I realised that my day to die was here.
After the class Scott grabbed my wrist and then pushed me to the janitor's closet "oh God, pls if your gonna kill me let me just say goodbye to my mum" I told him and he glared at me and I was shocked about what he just did because he just slapped me and locked me in the janitor's closet. I was filled with anger, rage and all other feelings that were not good at all. One,I was angry because I missed lunch, two, l love food and three, nobody
messes with me and my food. Thankfully, two hours later, the.janitor came to take his materials for his work and when I came out, school had closed. I was so pissed off cause I only went for one class. When I got home, my mum was back and I was happy cause she came late yesterday. "Mum, I'm home" "Mia honey, how was school?" "It was fine mum" I couldn't tell her what happened today so I just waved it off. Later I had a conference call with Taylor and Michelle. I told them what happened today and they were so shocked and instead of them to try to encourage to go back to school, they instead told me am so dead and all those kinda shits that would want to make you drop out. Later on, I just made dinner for I and my mum and then watched Netflix and dozed off going into my fantasy land.

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