Chapter 15

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Emilia's P.O.V
I was sad because this was the last week I was staying in scott's house and it has been fun staying with him so am feeling sad. I woke up on Monday morning ready to go to the 6 hours prison (school) look, I love reading and doing my assignments and helping teachers and all those things. Yes, am a nerd but I hate math and the most annoying part is that am having it as my 2 hour  first period so that's why am angry. I was ready for school and went downstairs and then I saw scott, he was looking kinda moody and I don't know why"hey scott" "hi mia. How are you?" "Am ok. You?, you look kinda moody" "it's nothing" "you sure?" "Yes mia. I said am fine!" He snapped "oh sorry.  Excuse me, am leaving" "mia wait. Am sor-" "its okay scott, I don't want to hear it. Am sorry I asked, I shouldn't have asked. Excuse me.  Bye" "mia mia wait am sorry" "mia, mia,wait" he kept calling but I didn't answer.  I just went to the car and entered but then the driver didn't move and then I remembered that scott had to go to school and so I face palmed myself and it looked like I had to enter into the house again so I entered "scott, scott?" And then I saw him and then he came downstairs but he was looking so tired and he was wearing a comforter and it looked like he was shivering.  I felt really bad for him "mia?, is that you? " "yes, its me. What happened? " "no, am okay. I'll just go and wear a shirt and then we can leave" I was fed up with this. He said he was okay and snapped at me the first time before I stormed out of the house and now he's saying he's okay again.  I was angry, no I was furious"FOR FUCK SAKE, PLEASE SCOTT JUST ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION. ARE YOU OKAY. JUST ANSWER PLEASE!!!" and then I realized what I just said and then I felt like an overprotective wife "sorry. I just wanted you to tell me what was wr-" and then I felt a soft hand caressing my cheek and the hand belonged to scott and it was so nice but then I missed it again as soon as it left my face"its okay mia. Am the one that should be sorry. Am sorry I snapped. Am just sad that yourleaving" "what did you say?" "I said am just sad your leaving" I was touched so I decided to jike with him "awww. Is this where little Scotty confesses his undying love for me" I said as I pinched his cheeks and then he swatted my hands away "you wish. But no I really am sad your leaving because there won't be anyone again to annoy and disturb" he said with a grin on his face "so, are you okay?" "Maybe, maybe not. Am just feeling a little bit cold and then its as if my head's on fire and am feeling pains all over my body an-" but before he could finsh, he puked on my shoes like I mean my favorite flats "and I have been puking" he said with an nervous laugh "hug?" And then he opened his arms but I was still shocked. My.   Favourite. Flats "no? No? " okay. No hug" and then he closed his arms "sorry" "my favourite shoes" "okay. Am so dead. Sorry" I counted from 1-10 trying to calm myself "its okay. Just go upstairs and wash up. I'll stay with you today at home" "really?. You sure?. You don't have to stay if you don't want to." "It's okay. I'll stay with you.  Now, go wash up" and then I left and told the driver he should take the day of that we were staying at home.  Thank God sarah wasn't here. She called us last night saying she wasn't going to be home for the next three days because her car broke down and she's trying to fix it so we were okay so I went to my room and threw my favorite shoes away and then I showered again and then went downstairs to make soup for scott and then I realized what I just did. Am staying at home to take care of Scott.  Wow I can't believe myself but then I just continued to make the soup and then as soon as I turned back, I didn't know how to breathe anymore because I was looking at a sexy scott. He was with only with a towel below his waist and there was water on his whole chest and he was shirtless an- ok, just imagine a wet shirtless Channing Tatum with only a towel which is below his waist. I know, hot!!! that's how am talking about scott except Channing Tatum is hotter so yh "a picture will be better mia" "you wish. Here's your soup" I gave him "really?. I thought am gonna be in my room shivering and all and then you come and give me the soup" he said "nope. Its the other way around but am happy am not in your state" I said "so what do you want to do?" "I don't know. Um,maybe we could bake cookies and give to our neighbours" "in the type of state your in?. No thank you. I don't want to see puke in my cookie" "common, it will be fun. Pleasssssssseeee? " he said with cute puppy eyes and I couldnt say no "fine. Your so annoying" "yay" he said with a childish grin which I found so cute but I wasn't going to tell him not to boost his ego.
We went to the kitchen and started making the cookies and so by the time we finished, it was already six because of scott. He broke the  remaining pack of eggs and we had to go to a far grocery shop to get eggs again and so, we gave our neighbors the cookies. Fortunately, scott didn't puke in the cookies and so after we finished everything, we cleaned up. "Hey, let's watch a movie" "ok. But which one"I said "the walking dead" je said and I think he thinks am scared so I decided to play with him "oh no.  Not the walking dead.  Its so scary" and then he started smiling"not" "what do you mean?" "Am not scared.  That's one of the movies I can never be scared of" and si we decided to watch that movie.
We started watching and then we sat on a love sofa with a blanket with chips, ice cream and some of the cookies that were remaining and as we were watching, scott sometimes glances at me and then when I turn to look at him, he turns his face away and to be honest, I was also doing the same until we met each other's faces and then he came closer and closer and I wanted it. I wanted him to kiss me and as his lips were about to land on mine, the doorbell rang I was furious.  When you don't need anyone, that is when they come. Angrily, I stood up and went to see which idiot came to spoil our moment and it was blake and eric "what the fuck do you guys want" I snapped at them "shish. We are sorry for coming to check up on you guys" he said sarcastically" whatever. Come in"and then I opened the door for them well so they could come in and then I went to my room and thought about everything that happened today.
1. I shoit on scott like an overprotective wife.
2. Scott pukes on my favorite shoes.
3. We bake cookies.
4.I watch a movie with scott.
5. And I almost kiss scott. Weirdest day ever and that's how I drifted off to sleep.

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