Chapter 13

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Scott's P.O.V
After the incident at the party, I decided to go home so I went with the driver but then je didn't make any move to drive and so I was.about to ask him why he isn't moving, a familiar figure came to where the car was and entered and to my surprise, it was emilia and so, I gave her a confused questioning look and so she sighed and said " my mum is on a work trip and so your mum said I could come stay at your house till my mom comes back" and then I was kinda happy but then gotta keep up the bad boy charade on so I was like "ok. Whatever" " thanks for saving me" "you don't have to thank me I only did it not to spoil Blake's reputation" "what do you mean" she asked. I had to keep up the bad boy charade so I lied and said "the only reason I did it was because people were going to post that on the internet and the headlines might be like'Blake's girl more like Blake's whore' and then they show the video and put sex sounds and those types of shits because they hate us cause  we have slept with their girlfriends soo..that's why I actually did it" "oh"she said with a hurt voice and then I thought I went a little bit overboard so I wanted to say something but then she said her thoughts out "I actually thought he cared maybe even if its a little. First you leave me alone and then you only save me not to spoil your friend's reps.Wow, you just won the best award of being an asshole.  Congratulations Scott Ryder" "excuse me?" I said and then she realised she had said her thoughts out loud but it looked like she didn't care "yh you heard me correctly. Congratulations for being the biggest asshole of the year scott and your right, I don't need to thank you."she said and left. I felt hurt and sad. I was about to come out of the car but then my phone rang and then it was my mum so I picked it and answered"hey mum, whatsup" "scott" she said in a scared voice and then she me scared also "mum,! What's wrong?" "Scott. It's your father. I was on my way to see my friend and then he saw me and met me. He took me to a dark alley and then he...he...he" and then she started crying and I felt my anger coming back "mum, what did he do?" "He..he.. beat me up scott till I passed out and I just. Right now, am on my way to my friend's. I've treated the wound. I just felt the need to tell you. I'm not coming home cause am far away and don't come looking for me. Am going to stay at my friend's. Ok?" "But mum, just tell me where you are.  I'll come get you""Scott no. There's no need m I'll see you tomorrow."and then she cut the call off leaving no room for argument. Oh God, when I get my hands on that idiot, he's dead.  I was so angry that I didn't even stop by emilia's room to see her so I just went to my room in an angry mode and went of to sleep.
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Emilia's P.O.V
I woke from hearing voices "is she gonna be okay" "yes she is. But why did you tell her to get out of the house!" and then I heard a smack coming with it "owww. I don't know why I did it. I was just angry" "so you had to pour out your anger on the poor thing" "I don't know jasmine. I was just angry" "idiot" so I decided it was time for me to wake up"hey" "hey scott, she's awake.go get some pain killers for her" and then she looked at me "hi are you feeling? " "I feel like I just got hit by a bus" and then she smiled a very beautiful smile. I felt like I was being intimidated cause she was prettier than me "sorry. Thank God they didn't go that far" and then the memories came back but I was confused "what do you mean thank God they didn't go that far?" "Nothing. Forget about it" and then scott came into the room and then my anger came back "hey jasmine, could you give us a minute? " "sure, its ok. I was already going to make some soup for mia" "hey mia" "look scott, if you have anything to say, please say it fast. I want to go back to sleep" "oh. Ok" he said with a hurt voice and then he started going but then he stopped and turned back and then he said "am really sorry mia. I didn't mean to that. Am sorry. I was angry yesterday and so I poured my anger out on you.  I really am sorry mia" and then a drop of tear came out and then he left the room leaving me alone and shocked and then a smile creeped up to my face. He do care and then Jasmine entered the room"so did you guys kiss and make up" "kiss? No. Makeup?  yes, technically" "you sure you didn't kiss" "yes!!! Jasmine" "sorry, just asking. Well eat your soup and then take the painkillers and go to sleep. You will feel a lot better when you wake up so I ate the soup and took the pain killers and then I slept off going to my dream land.

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