Chapter 4

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I woke up the next morning feeling really good. Don't know why oh pls stop acting as if you don't know Scott Ryder invited for party. After I had showered and dressed up, I went downstairs to meet my mum but looks like she left one more time without even saying a good morning or even bye. I was angry because my mum was behaving strangely and I had to walk to School. I started walking but then a horn honked almost making my ear  drum almost pop out."Hey mia,  its Blake get in" "no you almost blew my ear drums out" "sorry now get in". "No, why would I" "cause I like you. You slapped Scott Ryder and he let you get away and that is so not something we see everyday so get in" well he's giving me a ride for free so why don't I go "fine".
We reached school and everybody was staring but almost all of the girls of Richman high were sending daggers my way and then I knew it wasn't a good idea to have come with Blake. I entered inside the hall and then I went straight to my locker with my head down cause everyone was staring at me and then I spotted Scott and smiled at him but instead he scowled at me and the next thing I knew, he was making out with Ashley, oh of course, I haven't mentioned them, there are three sluts in the school or how I like to call the the barbie dolls sluts, Ashley Benson, the queen bee or how I like it called the grade A queen bitch, second, Rebecca Wilson and third, Samantha Evans, the three barbie doll bitches in my school. They have slept with more than half of the school and it annoyed me when I saw Scott making out with Ashley. Later during lunch, I spotted Taylor and I guess she Was looking for me so I Waved at her and she waved Back and then I told her everything that happened till when Scott asked me to the Friday party "so your going out to a party with Scott Ryder" Taylor said "I guess so. I think" "well we are so getting you ready girl for this party" "oh no we are getting ready" "what do you mean" Taylor said "you guys are coming with me"_ "really?" Taylor said excited and I nodded "well we better start getting ready" " but the party is 2 days from now. We still got much time" " no we don't" Taylor said "we have to go shopping" and I couldn't say no because she has this cute puppy eyes that no one can ever say no to "ugh fine" "yay well shopping after school?" "Whatever".
After school I went home and my mum was around and I got angry back cause I was worried "mum where have you been. I didn't see you this morning I was really worried mum" "oh am so sorry honey its just the job" " well mum you have to rest at least" "I will honey, u will" " well mia we are having some guest over tonight. Its one of my friends and she has also been helping me. She also has a son just as the same age as  you but maybe a year older" " well good luck on your dinner mum but I and Taylor wanted to go shopping" " well sorry honey but looks like you gotta cancel your plans with taylor cause I've told my friend about you and she wants to meet you" " but mum" I whine "common mia please do this for me. Please" " ugh, fine just because I love you" " thank you sweetie. Now go get ready, shower and change to something decent" "whatever" I went upstairs, called Taylor and told about what had came up and then I showered and changed into something "decent" as my mum said. By 7pm o started hearing voices and then I decided to go downstairs but then as soon as I came.downstairs, I was shocked, happy and scared because my mum's friend was Mrs. Ryder, the mother of Scott ryder who is standing next to his mother.

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