Chapter 5

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Scott's P.O.V
When I saw mia coming out of Blake's car I felt kinda weird and throughout the whole day I was angry when mia entered into the hallway I saw her and then she.saw me and smiled the most beautiful smile ever what's wrong with you scott there is nothing like the most beautiful smile in your dictionary so instead of smiling back, I scowled at her and kissed Ashley roughly no matter how annoying and disgusting it was.but I had to do it not to spoil my reputation.
Later during lunch, I saw Blake and I was so angry at him " why did you drive that girl here with you to school" " oh nothing, I just like how she slapped you" he says and smirks "shut up asshole " I told him and he did.
I went home and my mum was around but my dad was so around and my anger was more. I stormed into my house and saw my dad about to slap my mum but I grabbed him, threw him to the ground and punched the living hell out of him, I then dragged him and threw him out if my house and locked the.door "hey mum, are you okay?" " yes honey now please go shower and.dress decent cause we.are going out for dinner" "what mum, that son of a bitch just tried to rape you and your talking about dinner. Seriously?" "Well honey if you want me to be happy, you will do like I.said you should" " ugh fine" "good boy thank you sweetie". I.then went upstairs, showered and got ready to the dinner. We reached the dinner place but it wasn't a restaurant, it was someone's house and then we entered and my mum and the other woman started talking and I just played flappy bird on my phone but then I was shocked to see someone come down the stairs, I felt a little bit of happiness and shock because it was Amelia Thompson that I just saw and she was looking beautiful than ever.

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