Chapter 11

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Human beings are so stupid well except for me, my mum, sarah, taylor and mitchelle but the rest are so stupid for being so oblivious to everything. You tell them something that hurt your feelings because of that person but what do you know, they're still oblivious.  "Sarah morning" "hello mia. How was your night? How was the party? " "ok I guess" "did you see scott?" Scott, Scott, Scott. Where have I heard that name before?  Ah, yes scott the asshole "Mia!" "Yes sarah?" "I asked you a question" "sorry what did you ask me?" "I asked if you saw scott?" "Yes, I did" "that's good. Did you talk to him?" "Yh I did" "ok. Am going out and I'll be back late. If you want to go oit, there's another drivrr. You just have to call this number" she gave me a paper and I saw the number "ok. Bye sarah" "bye and oh!, please you can make breakfast for you and scott. Ok?" "Yh. Bye" "bye" she said and closed the door. Looks like I had to go the asshole's room to ask what he's gonna eat for breakfast.  I knocked on the door but tjere was no response. I knocked few mre tikes but there was still no response so I opened the door and then I saw him like an angel,! A glorious view just seeing him there, lying down half naked with duvet only covering below his waist. Focus! Mia Focus!. You are angry at him so I tried waking him up but he just continued stirring so I saw a spray that looked like water and I used it and sprayed on his eyes "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I looked at the bottle and saw it was a window cleaning spray "I am so sorry" "WHAT THE FUCK MIA!!!" "I am so sorry.  I thought it was a water spray I didn't know it was a window spray. I just wanted to ask you what you will like for break-" "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM, NO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE MIA BEFORE I REMOVE THIS THING ON MY EYES AND KILL YOU!!! he said and I immediately ran out of the room back to my room packing my things with tears in my eyes and as soon as I finished packing everything, I went out of the house and before I knew it, I was hit on tue head and then darkness overtook me.

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