How Could You

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           Tobias's POV
    I don't think I've ever been this confused. These can't be for her; shes almost six months pregnant. Maybe Chris came over and took the tests so Will wouldn't find out. But then there's the other part of me that's thinking the worse.
       Tris is dead silent as she looks at the boxes on my hands. Her face has gone pale. "Thats-thats-"
    "Tris, please don't lie to me. Just tell me the truth," I snap at her. She flinches at my tone.
    "I had a miscarriage," she says in a quiet voice. "They had to a emergency C-section since my water broke to early. I though-"
    "You a thought what? That I wouldn't find out?" I demand. I'm mad. "How could you?"
    "I thought that if I got pregnant again and when I told you, you wouldn't be as mad or sad." My jaw clenched as my fists turn into fists.
    "Well I'm pissed. I don't understand how you could think that you could wait until you got pregnant again. What if that didn't happen?" She looks away from her, her hands clenching the blanket.
    "Then I would have hoped for the best," she says. I scuff and shake my head.
    "You are so fucking lucky I'm not abusive cause I swear to god, I wouldn't stop until your were dead," I find myself saying. She jumps up from bed, sheet still around her. She trues passing me, but I grab her arm.
    "Don't you dare leave. We have to talk about this," I say through clenched teeth. She looks up at me with scared eyes.
      "Please let go of me," she says. I let go of her with a shove. She stumbles back and settles herself on the bed.
    "I'm sorry," she says. "I just didn't want you be hurt. I knew that if I told you, you would be devastated."
    "I can't even look at you right now. I need to get out of here before I end up hurting you."
     She rolls her eyes and stands up, making her way over. "You don't have it in you. You won't hurt me." I never thought I'd hate her. But I do now.
     "Don't tempt me," I say. All the love I have for her is gone right now.
    "You do-" I swing at her, but she ducks and knees me in the stomach. I grip her neck and push her against​ the wall. With my free hand, I slap her hard across the face. I look at her stomach and knee her. She calls out in pain, but I don't care.

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