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AFTER leaving Harley Quinn to her new book, Chandler made her way out of Belle Reve with Griggs breathing down her neck. The nasty middle-aged man said it was for her protection, she retorted that it was for theirs.

Chandler, having been in the military, found it difficult to be in the same room with someone who was so narcissistic and crude to the prisoners. They were terrible people but that gave him no right to treat them inhumanely.

"Now, no matter what you say, you need to be careful when you go in there. Deadshot could kill you with just a few moves," Griggs babbled behind her.

"And Harley Quinn could do it with her pinky," she shot right back. His incessant chatter was getting on her last nerve.

Griggs rightened his lips together as he glared at the young woman's back. He hated how she seemed to have grown a spine since the last time they met. She was still anxious and terrified inside, but Chandler truly believed going back to the environment she was so familiar with helped her a lot.

"We here?" she asked, stopping in front of the door that had F. Lawton engraved into it.

"Yeah," he replied through grit teeth, opening the front door for her and truly hoping Deadshot would attack her. Sadly, he didn't. He stood from where he sat on his bed and smiled slightly, giving her a hug. No death grip, no choking her until she passed out.

Griggs was slightly upset.

"Hey! It's good to see you," she laughed, patting his arm.

"You know, I don't do hugs, but only for you I would," he grinned. She smiled back and sat on the bed as he begun to hit the bag in his room.

She watched him punch the bag before she heard the metal sliding viewer snap shut. She stood to her feet and rotated her shoulders before giving Lawson's bag a good punch herself. He looked over at her surprised.

"Sorry, that guy gives me the creeps and is annoying as hell," she explained, her voice strained.

"Hey, man. Don't worry about it. That guy does it to everyone," he laughed, hitting the bag a few more times before following Chandler to sit on the floor.

"The world's moving on it seems. They're saying it's a mystery and no one knows who saved the world," she told him. Lawson scoffed at her words.

"Figures. Some villains take the place of superheroes for a day and now the word can't handle something so... strange," he muttered under his breath.

"It's funny, Superman died and then there are no more good guys," she scoffed, "But were there ever any heroes?" she asked him, rolling her eyes at the thought. "We all have selfishness, a dislike towards humanity, all these things that make us up as Humans and yet we demonize some and idolize others."

"Soldiers versus villains, right?" he asked, looking over at her.

"Exactly," she sighed, pulling her knees to her chest.

Lawson looked forward before a thought circulated his head and he turned to Chandler with a smirk.

"So, how are you and American Flag doing?"

She looked over at him annoyed. "Not you too!" she groaned, pushing her head into her knees, hiding her head in her knees.

"What? Come on! We all want to know! The story hasn't finished until you two get together," he explained with a chuckled.

"Well, I don't know what we're doing. Right now, we've barely even seen each other," she explained, her chin resting on her knees now unable to look at Floyd.

Floyd gave her an awful look that made her look small and defenseless. So, she reached into her jacket and pulled out the letters. "Your letters," she stated, handing over Zoe's letters, keeping the little thank you card for herself.

"Thanks," he smiled, leaning his head back against the wall to look through them.

"She's a cute kid, blabbers all day about school and her friends to me," she laughed. "I've been tutoring her in math, so if you ever need to say anything to her on the dl," she winked at him and smiled kindly.

Lawson watched her for a moment, proud to have met someone this kind, this generous, this human in his time of darkness. "Really, thank you, Chandler," he stated softly with sincerity.

"You're welcome, Floyd," she grinned, kissing his cheek and standing to her feet. "I'll leave you to them, I'll see you next month."

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