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"THERE you are Ms. Waller, you're all set up," Chandler stated, setting up the video feed for her to talk to the recruits. Flag and Waller believed it best to keep Chandler away from the villain soon-to-be heroes for the time. Chandler fiddled with a few things turning to the screen to see Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diablo and a few more she didn't recognize staring (more so glaring) at her.

She squeaked loudly. "Oh, sorry!" she exclaimed moving out of the shot."

Deadshot gave a small smile along with a roll of her eyes followed by Harley grinning widely, smacking her gum.

"Heya, Angel. Long time no see," she laughed.

"Sorry about that, my assistant is good at everything other than socializing or acting very bright," Waller stated when she moved onto the screen, rolling her eyes. "Now, you've been asking exactly what you're going to be part of, so let me explain. There's an active terrorist event taking place in Midway City. Simply put, I want you to enter the city, rescue and bring to safety HVT One," she explained to them, looking between each one of them.

"For those of us who don't speak hero, what's HVT One?" Deadshot asked, raising his hand. Flag responded with nothing but a glare.

"It's a 'High-Value Target'," Chandler explained, leaning in, her eyes flickering back and forth between the screen and the wall behind it. "The mission you guys are going on."

Waller smiled lightly at the young woman beside her.

"Ah, thank you, sweetheart," Deadshot smiled, he enjoyed her comments and talk. She didn't act better than them or look down at them. She thought of herself as equal, which he thought both Flag and Waller should do similarly. "I just wanted an idea of what I'm going to die for," he cleared, turning back to Waller.

"You are going to be rescuing the only person who matters in the city. The one person you can't kill. Complete the mission, you get time off your prison sentences and better conditions during, Fail the mission, you die. Anything happens to Colonel Flag, I'll kill every single one of you myself," she hissed, like the devil she was. "Remember, I'm watching. I see everything."

The screen went black after her statement. The two women moving to the window to watch the destruction below.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Chandler asked softly, her arms folded across her chest, her eyebrows knit together as she debated the thought.

"Of course, we need to test their skills before we lead them to the main bitch," Waller stated, watching the woman out of the corner of her eye.

"Yes, but we already know they're good. What's the point of this?"

"To see if they're good together, and if you're going to keep thinking like this, you can leave, Ms. Kemp. You may be my assistant, but you are not a necessity."

"God, they're gonna kill us," Chandler muttered when Waller stepped away, but her superior stopped in her tracks listening to Chandler's panic. "They're gonna kill us when they find out! Each and every one of us. Probably brutally too. They're gonna come storming in and see we're not anything close to a High-Value Target. Well, maybe you are Waller, but I'm nothing. Are you gonna kill me? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take your spot-"

"Chandler!" Waller shouted, turning to the young woman and making the whole room stop. "Shut up! No one is killing you today!"

Waller slammed her hands against the table and sighed a breath of air when she saw the group safe from the creatures that had been chasing them.

Waller turned to Chandler, her eyes piercing as she barked at the frightened young woman. "Center on Flag, but give me a wide shot. I need to see exactly where he's taking them."

"Ye-Yes, ma'am," she stuttered, her hands shaking as she reoriented. She hacked into the security cameras and showed Waller.

"They're heading for the stairs," Waller stated. "That's good. That's exactly where I need them to go. How much further?" Waller asked her, looking down at the timid, young thing.

Chandler pulled out a ruler and ran the numbers in her head quickly. "Approximately eight hundred and fifty yards."

"Okay, good. He has his bases covered. Thank God," she muttered, leaning her weight onto the table as she watched them skate across the scene with a slim chance of survival.

"Waller," Chandler said suddenly, removing Waller from her thoughts. "See that?" she pointed out, pointing to a shadow. "That isn't just me, is it? Seeing those shadows?"

"No, what is it?"

Chandler narrowed her eyes, her nose scrunching up tight with the muscles as her eyebrows connected, she watched the monitors before typing into the computer.

"Not sure, but I think it's coming from the catwalk. Let me pull focus and adjust the camera's range."

The picture scaled in, showing the catwalk to find a shadow hiding.

"Oh God," Chandler groaned. "I think that's what was causing the shadow," Chandler stated, pointing at the screen.

"You think?" she asked rhetorically, glancing at her who was awaiting orders. "Idiot, why are you just sitting there? Sound the alarm!" she ordered. Frightened, Chandler quickly slammed her hand on the button, though it was too late as the monster rained down on the squad with a parade. Time was running out and Waller didn't have another leg to stand on.

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