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  ━ • ♡ • ━  

 THIRTY-two-year-old Rick Flag had yet to talk to Chandler much about their situation. They had obviously had sparks between themselves. June and he had talked several weeks ago and everything felt smooth. Except that he could barely raise the courage to talk to her.

He tried, several times a day to walk over to her but either he psyched himself out or he was interrupted, but today was the day he would.

"Hey," he greeted with a small smile. He stood at her desk, a small bouquet in his hands.

"Hey, yourself," she smiled back, her eyes falling to the flowers until she went back to his face. "What's up?" she asked when he just stood in front of her.

"Oh, um, well, it's been a few weeks since everything happened and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to dinner? Maybe? If you want to," he asked curiously.

She nodded with a large smile, unable to stop herself. "I'd love to."

━ • ♡ • ━

THE two sat for dinner, small talk between them. It had been an hour or so that they sat down when Flag's phone blew. He smiled awkwardly, denying the call. Immediately after Chandler's phone went off. She looked down to look at the caller ID.

Amanda Waller

"I'm going to see what she needs," she muttered, taking the call. "Hello?"

"Chandler? We need both you and Flag now. The Joker has just broken into Belle Reve."

Chandler sighed into her hand. "Alright, we'll be there soon." The phone clicked and she looked at Rick with a sheepish smile. "We gotta go. The Joker broke into Belle Reve," she sighed.

Rick sighed loudly, standing to his feet along with her. "We're finishing this as soon as this is done," he stated, trying to smile but there wasn't much to be happy about now. 

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