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♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

JUNE laid in her soft twin bed, parallel to Flag's own, sleeping soundly as pleasant thoughts filled her mind unlike the hellish landscape when she opened her eyes. Her mind was calm, she felt like she was floating into her subconscious.

Rick was a soldier, unlike her, his dreams filled with the glory and gore, a night of dreamless sleep was a blessing in itself. He stood by the window where he watched her sleep. His mind reeling with the thoughts of June and Chandler, the characteristic differences between them and how he could never see how much Chandler cared for him. It was strange and unusual, relationships didn't come too naturally to him and he believed from the time he spent with June that he cared for her outside of a professional basis. It was nothing like that though.

At one point, a small flicker of something when he was around Chandler, a time where they had spoken normally, he believed it to be when he had asked her about his time in the military. One moment, she laughed so loud he cracked a smile at her happiness, her eyes crinkled and mouth opened wide before she leaned over to clutch her stomach.

The moment June had entered the picture, Chandler faded from the image. He had turned his affection from the woman who was there to the other. It had all gone down the drain when he learned the truth and needed time to think about what he felt these past days.

June called out his name softly, a few moments passed until he moved to her side. He thought she was awake but found her sleeping soundly although her content features turned scared.

"Enchantress," she whispered, her voice soft that Flag couldn't hear her.

The lights went out while Rick was staring outside, and immediately he took up his gun to find the terrifying image of the Enchantress sleeping on the bed. Her skin dirty as if she rolled in mud and her hair ratty like she hadn't washed it in days. Her eyes glowed gold and she seemed to produce a black aura around her.

Flag held his gun out in front of him, ready to call waller.

"Don't you dare call Waller," she hissed at him, making the man freeze. "If you do..." she hissed, leaning across the bed.

Flag felt like he fell, the scenery even more dreadful inside a hospital. A green cloth separating him from the rest of the scene. It felt like ten thousand emotions were filling inside of him as the world finally slowed and he could see the flicker of June to Chandler fall before him. Both strapped to the table, needles, and doctors surrounding them.

He took a step closer, holding their flickering heads between his shaking hands. He could barely utter a word but his face contorted in tortured agony.

Rick awoke from his nightmare to find the Enchantress. The gun was back on her yet she didn't seem to mind.

"What was that?" he huffed. "What did you do to me?"

She watched him, holding a finger to her lips to quiet him.

"That was a preview," she rasped. "Tell anyone, especially Waller, and I will be back. For the main act."

The Enchantress then vanished, Rick's distorted thoughts held a sense of confusion now with what was real and was fantasy.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

AMANDA waller slept as if she were knocked unconscious, sprawled across her bed, a bottle of wine lying lazily beside her bed while a pistol hung loaded on her nightstand.

The Enchantress appeared in her room, remaining statue still as she watched the woman sleep. She turned slowly to the silver case where her beating heart laid. Slowly, she moved to the case, her eyes remaining on Waller's phone. A red light flicked on the case and she froze, noting that it was the access to Waller's secure office.

The witch disappeared from the room and into a cramped office with papers strewn about and a photograph of the second statue found in the cave. The counterpart to her form, her brother to be granted life soon.

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