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━ • ♡ • ━WALLER stood at her desk with her signature frown set on her face

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━ • ♡ • ━
WALLER stood at her desk with her signature frown set on her face. She held up papers to compare with each other for the upcoming trip to Peru. A light knock rung through her office, the woman not even bothering a glance to the steel door.

"What is it?" she asked roughly.

Waller leaned over her work, signing a page in her neat script.

The door opened. Waller turned when none of her obnoxious employees started to rattle off nonsense to her. A young woman instead stood in her doorway, her hands clasped and lip trembling. She was nothing like her staff. Frail and timid, it irked the woman to even look at her. Waller pursed her lips, setting her pen down as she stared at the brunette.

"Who are you?"

"Um, yes, I'm Chandler Kemp. My Uncle Leo actually works here, and said maybe I could get a job through you?" she asked, her voice quavering and soft yet stood firm. She was strong and had seen a lot, Waller could see it in her eyes. Yet her stance made all the difference.

Waller made a small noise, indicating she had heard what Chandler had to say yet was still mulling over the idea. She scanned over Chandler. She noticed all the small things from her frizzy brunette hair to her loose, high-waisted jeans. She looked determined though, like she wouldn't leave without an answer.

"Show me what you've got," Waller demanded.

"Ah, um, can I use your computer?" Chandler asked, still in the same spot she had been.

Waller nodded, throwing a hand towards the empty leather chair. Chandler thanked her quietly, taking the seat as the woman stood behind her. She turned to the computer and pulled up the systems. A code in a matter of minutes on the screen and she turned to Waller to show off what she did.

"What's it do?" the woman asked, raising an eyebrow at the young woman who had yet to explain anything.

Chandler gave Amanda an awkward grin. Although, she hadn't wanted to tell the woman anything.

"It's easy, I broke into your firewall and have access to all your employees files in this laptop. See, I can hack into almost any system as long as I can talk my way into their wifi. Anyone connected, I can figure them out. It's simple," she explained, leaning back in her chair. Waller continued to stare the woman down.

"Well done, can you get us into big corporations if we sent you out?" she asked, looking at the code the young woman had done.

Chandler nodded, looking over to what she had perfected. "Oh, definitely."

"Alright, I'll test you out. So that no one gets suspicious of your work and what you do, you'll also be my assistant," Amanda stated without blinking. "Come in tomorrow at five with your resume and be ready for a drug test, then you'll meet with one of your superiors."

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