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━ • ♡ • ━AMANDA Waller set up her newest team of 'heroes'

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━ • ♡ • ━
AMANDA Waller set up her newest team of 'heroes'. Task Force X as she called it, a group made out villains who she believed could do some good. Chandler was set to do the research on their backgrounds and fill her binder to the brim with her neat handwriting and printed script for the internet.

Once the book was put together, Waller set up an appointment with the president's national security advisor, Tolliver, and the commander of SOCOM, Olsen, so she could discuss her plan. The four sat at a table in a deserted restaurant, Waller taking a sip of her Pinot Noir before setting the glass down and nodding to Chandler.

"It's taken some work on Ms. Kemp's part, but I have them," Waller announced. "Well, most of them. The worst of the worst."

Olsen opened a bottle of Malbec, "There are rumors, Amanda, that some of them have, um," his eyes flickered to Waller's stern look, continuing, "abilities?"

"Yes, heard about the pyrokinetic homeboy? Some LA gangbanger gets jumped in a prison riot and incinerates half the yard," Waller explained. Chandler handed over her phone to Olsen, the video of the pyrokinetic on to show him. "The security videos are incredible."

"Thirty-three dead. Filled every burn unit in South California and released enough thermal energy in three seconds to melt an engine block," Chandler explained to them, her voice so soft that the two had to lean in a bit to hear her and at that weren't even able to gain eye contact.

Salmon was placed into Waller's mouth as she grinned at the looks the two gave Chandler.

"I have him now," Waller explained when she finished, patting her face with a napkin.

"Where?" Olsen asked impressed, handing the phone to Tolliver to watch.

"Let's just say I put him in a hole and threw away the hole," she grinned.

"We chased away our ancient fears with the light of science," Chandler explained, taking in a deep breath before looking the two men in the eye.

"Which means?"

"It means," Waller began, "that maybe Superman was some kind of beacon for the rest of them to feel safe enough they could creep back from the shadows," she took the phone from Tolliver, handing it to Chandler with a small look. Chandler rested the thick binder on the table for them to look over. "Heard about the witch?"

"The witch?" Olsen repeated, raising an eyebrow, "Really?"

Silence crept into the room as Waller took a sip of her water, letting the drama seep into the room. "I'm talking textbook witch. A flying, spell-casting, making-crap-disappear witch," her voice lowered, her eyes switching between the people, "I've seen things."

"And where is this witch?" Olsen asked, not expecting an answer to his question.

"In my pocket," Waller smirked knowingly, her vague answer making Tolliver skeptical of her words. "There's intel in our legends, says witches have a secret buried heart. Whoever finds it can control the witch, or kill it."

Tolliver continued his musings, untrusting of the woman who sat before him, questioning her speculations for the safety of everyone. If she really did have a witch, then they would be dead if she was loose. Waller explained to him that humans believed for a while that we were the only intelligent life in the entire universe, but when Superman came it showed up our concept of conventional wisdom.

She threw a case on the table, dark as the night and sealed with a biometric fingerprint lock. Chandler would have carried it if she wasn't so freaked out by having a heart.

"So we searched the cave where she turned up and found this," Waller added.

"Her heart's in there?" Tolliver asked, the surprise evident in his voice. "Really?"

"Here, Dexter, see for yourself," she nodded, wiping her finger over the lock opening it to show the mummified heart to the men as Chandler excused herself to the bathroom, freaked by the heart before her.

"As long as I have her heart, she'll do my bidding. I set up a man to be with her at all times, Rick Flag, and although I had originally planned for his heart to go to Moone's it seems he's taken a liking to the young woman you just had the pleasure to meet."

"Her?" Olsen asked incredulously, knowing Flag.

"Yes, and it works out wonderfully," Waller smirked.

Minutes passed of Olsen and Tolliver bickering over the supernatural and villains becoming the next heroes but no one ever seemed to remember that once Superman was also alien to them.

"Okay, Dexter," Olsen stated, "If you can sell it to the boys downtown, I'll sign off."

Waller smirked at his words, pouring herself another glass, a silent toast to herself in victory.

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