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JUNE Moone had accompanied Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, and Chandler Kemp to the penitentiary site only to be locked up inside a hotel room, stating she was afraid the villains would somehow sway her emotions to allow the Enchantress her escape. The devil inside her was waiting for the right time to rip through her breathing corpse and, at some point, take over forever.

She walked down the streets after agreeing to meet the others at Aliena. She glanced around nervously as people walked close to her. June hadn't been like this before, she used to be fun yet professional. She enjoyed watching people and discovering the unknown about the world. But, with this beast inside her, she had completely shut down.

Waller was the woman that had the devil under lock and key. The older woman was cold and terrifying and knew what she wanted. She never showed affection and tended to get annoyed quickly.

Flag was, well, something June couldn't really place. He was everything she despised in a person: crude, clumsy and had no reason to be vulnerable. A man she would never allow to be put into the arms of, but when Waller shoved them together, the workplace seemed to burst into suspicion.

A man that was calm, grounded, and didn't seem to go off kilter at any time was her type of guy. One that snapped his opinions and glared like there was no tomorrow was not.

And then, there was Chandler, a young woman who was far too ignorant to be by Waller's side. She saw the light of the world rather than the darkness. She was calm and timid and derived from the same place that Flag did. She was another option of what came out of the military. June was never able to make conversation with her, she either skirted away or completely ignored her. If she was having a good day, June would be lucky to get so much as a tense smile.

The restaurant finally appeared in her point of vision and June wasn't quite ready to enter. She paused a moment, sticking a cigarette into her lips, taking a long, deep drag. She stared up at the night sky, a few more puffs and then stomped the butt out with her foot.

"Hello," she hoarsely whispered, pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Chandler looked up from cutting her pasta, before returning to her food. She looked like a rebellious teenager, with headphones plugged in and barely taking notice of anyone else. She wouldn't be paying attention to their informative meal, Waller had already briefed her on the need to know.

Rick looked across the table at the young woman who kept her head down and hoodie up as she nodded along with the faint classic rock.

"Is she alright?" Rick asked no one in particular. June looked his way, believing he was the densest man on the planet.

"With Chandler?" she asked rhetorically, picking up her fork to eat the salad Waller had already ordered for her. "It's fairly obvious she doesn't like me."

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