#03 Little Personalities

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A/N: This preference should of been the first one in the series, we are sorry about that. So we decided to write it now. Please keep in mind this is their personalities now; as they get older things might change or develop. Hope you like it :)

There are photos of what the babies look like with this preferences on our Tumblr blog. The link will appear in the comments below xx


Amelia.. is a Daddy girl; and there is no doubt she means the world to Liam as well. She is the shyest out of all the boy’s daughter, and can often be found hiding behind her father’s legs when around new people. She is well mannered, with a cheeky smile. Due to being born early, she is smaller than most toddlers her age; but she is smart for her age. She has Liam’s brown eyes and caring nature; your cheekiness and curiously. Amelia loves a story or song by Liam before going to sleep at night; you have even caught them dancing along to the radio together, but don’t interrupt their father daughter moment.


Noah..is a Mummy’s boy; just like Louis still is. He is a playful and mischievous little boy, but is loving and careful at the same time. Noah got Louis’ blue eyes and brown hair. He is always smiling and laughing, mostly at his father’s silliness. He is the loudest, most energetic boy out of all the boy’s sons. There are times when he wants to run around outside with his father, and other times he loves to stay cuddled up with you on the couch. He is easy going and clever; hardly cries or is grumpy. Noah loves his toys cars and building blocks and you often find Louis sitting beside him on the floor, watching his son play.


Cora.. is a total little princess, with Niall wrapped around her finger; not that he minds though. She is a mini Niall; loud and always smiling and giggling. She is showing signs of being a carefree and outgoing child, who is friendly to most people she meets. Cora is chatty and has been ever since she found her voice (babbling and making sounds when she was months old) She enjoys doing girly things with you, but also getting outside and getting dirty with her cousin Theo. Cora has blue eyes and light brown, almost blonde hair; with faint freckles appearing across her nose and rosy cheeks.

Declan.. is the opposite to his twin sister. He is quieter; the shyest and most reserved boy out of the all boy’s sons. He prefers watching than jumping into something right away; usually unsure about getting dirty outside with with his sister and cousin. Like Noah, Declan is a Mummy’s boy, but loves when he gets one on one time with his father; boy time. He has pieces of Niall’s personality too; like he is happy go lucky, usually laughing or smiling. Declan loves food and Niall often jokes that when he is older, he will eat as much as him. He has the same blue eyes as Cora, but his hair is slightly darker than hers.


Spencer.. may look like Harry, but is a Mummy’s girl; actually her favourite person is her Aunty Gemma. She is a cutie with Harry’s green eyes and brown hair, but her’s is straight, not curly. Spencer is developing her father’s charming personality, and her is sure she will be a heartbreaker when she is older. She is talkative and tries to sing along with her father, even if it’s just copying the sounds she hears. Harry loves to sing to her; watching her face light up in excitement. Spencer is friendly to everyone and usually wants to be held or cuddled; you can blame Harry, as he always held her as a baby.


Kaiden.. loves both his parents, but his face lights up whenever he sees Zayn. You were right when you said he would be a Daddy’s boy. Kaiden has his father’s dark brown eyes and hair. As he is growing up, he is becoming more like Zayn; including showing his big heart, caring about others and an interest creative activities. He is shy and quiet, like his father too, but once he warms up to you, he more confident and talkative (which he gets from you). Kaiden is easily excited; which means he smiles and giggles at most things. He is affectionate and love cuddles and kisses, especially from his daddy.

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