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A/N: In honour of Halloween approaching, here is a Halloween preference for the Toddler Series. Hope you enjoy it xx


Pumpkin craving

"Yucky," Amelia whispered, sticking out her tongue. Liam chuckled and continued scooping out the pumpkin. "I think you will like it when finished," he explained softly. She cautiously poked the pumpkin insides with a little finger and giggled cutely. "It’s cold and feels funny, doesn’t it Sweetpea?" Liam said’ "empty now, see?" He lifted up the pumpkin to show his daughter. She nodded and looked inside, eyes widening. Liam put it down and picked up the knife, cutting out a jack-o-larten face; then placing a candle inside and lighting it. "Oh daddy," she squealed and leaned in closer to the glowing pumpkin. Liam nodded and started to clean up around her. "See Emmy, daddy said it would be pretty," he whispered. "Pum-kin, daddy," she giggled. Suddenly the candle went out, making her pout. "Again, again?" she lisped shyly, bottom lip trembling. Liam knelt down and quickly lit the candle again, making his daughter happy, "don’t cry Sweetpea, all fixed."


Halloween Costume Party

"Noah scary?" Noah asked his father, blue eyes bright. "You sure are buddy," Louis said, "are you going to scare mummy?" The little boy giggled and nodded at his father. Louis ruffled his hair, before going to the kitchen to check on the party food. Noah lifted his arms and started walking around the room like a mummy. He giggle to himself as he raised his legs, stomping around. You stopped in the doorway and watched your little boy, smiling at how adorable he was. "Oooohhhh," Noah whispered and froze when he noticed you. "Ooohhhh," he repeated and walked towards you. You gasped and stepped back, acting scared of the ‘mummy’. Noah quickly stopped and dropped his arms. "Mummy?" he questioned, voice soft, "Noah Noah," he tried to removed a bandage off his face. "Oh, it’s Noah. You look so scary," you smiled impressed and knelt down, "daddy did a good job." "Noah mummy," he giggled and pointed at you, "mummy mummy."


Trick or Treat

"Come daddy. Go go," Cora said, face turning into a frown. "Gotta wait for Dec," Niall said, kneeling down. She smiled as he fixed her costume. She had insisted on being a princess for Halloween; with a pretty dress and crown. Suddenly Cora looked up at hearing little footsteps. "Oh batman is too fast for mummy," you called out. Niall stood up and chuckled at his son’s little batman costume. "He’s been spending too much time with Zayn," Niall whispered to you. You shook your head and opened the door, letting the twins run out. "Maybe he is, but he wanted to be batman. Now come on, I want to walk with the father of a beautiful princess and a heroic superhero," you said, smiling. Niall took your hand and you followed the twins down the street. "What about this house?" he called out, getting their attention, "and do you remember what to say?" They looked up at their father and smiled cheekily. "Trick," Cora giggled, "or treat," Declan added.


Pumpkin picking

"Spence, big smile for daddy," Harry encouraged. Spencer ignored her father and looked at her Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume. She giggled and played the stuffed toy dog in a small basket. "Doggy," she giggled and looked at you beside Harry. "That’s right Spence. That’s Toto," you explained. "What about the pumpkins, Angel?" Harry asked, wanting to get a photo of her pumpkin picking. "No pum-in," she shook her head, looking around at the pumpkins. "Spence," you said, getting her attention, "does doggy like your red shoes?" She giggled and played with the dogs furry ears. "Doggy doggy," she squealed. As she looked up at Harry, he quickly took a photo. "Yes, got it," he said to himself and put his phone away, "now come here Angel. Let’s get you inside and have something to eat." She giggled as Harry scooped her up and kissed her cheek. "Maybe next year, daddy can pick the pumpkins," he said, "and you and mummy can play dress ups."



"Milk, bread, goldfish crackers," Zayn repeated, cradling the phone between his ear and shoulder, as he continued down the supermarket aisle. He smiled at his little boy sitting in the trolley. Kaiden giggled quietly to himself as he kicked his little legs, loving his skeleton costume. He looked up at his father and smiled. "And I’ll get some lollies for the Trick or Treaters," he winked at Kaiden, making him giggle again. "Zayn, don’t you give him any sugar," you warned over the phone. Kaiden heard you and gasped, his hand covering his mouth. "I was thinking of Brooklyn or my sisters. Both Caroline and mum said they might stop by," he explained, "I’ve gotta go. Be home soon. Love you baby," he added, before hanging up and putting his phone in his pocket. "Come on buddy, daddy’s wants some lollies," he said, chuckling as he noticed Kaiden’s face paint was still looking good. "Daddy, boo?" he lisped, earning a chuckle from his father. "Oh, daddy’s scary little skeleton,” he gasped playfully.

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Hope you enjoy this one

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