Father's Day

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A/N: In honour of Father’s Day (here in Australia), we wanted to write a preference. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out get.

Also, an apology for not posting in ages. Hope you like this one.

The original post on our Tumblr blog has pictures included. You can see them here: http://lipstickstaiin.tumblr.com/post/96872086381/toddler-series-fathers-day (I'll also try to put the link in the comment below)


"Shall mummy and Emmy make lunch?" you suggested, reaching out for the little girl. Amelia looked from you to Liam. "Daddy lunch," she whispered, little finger pointing to the kitchen. "It’s father’s day Amelia. Remember, on Mother’s Day, daddy and Emmy do things for mummy. Today, mummy and Emmy do things for daddy," you explained and stood up, "we can make daddy’s favourite." She nodded and wiggled off Liam’s lap, following you to the kitchen. As you begun, you heard footsteps. "Daddy is here. What can I do?" Liam announced. You turned around and shook your head. "No, I want us to cook for you," you said slightly disappointed, but Amelia was happy. "Daddy, crop crop," she giggled. Liam lifted her up onto the stool and gave her a bowl, before turning back to you. "I know you did, but I love cooking with my girls," he whispered and kissed you softly, "you can finish dessert," he tried to wink, but failed. "How did you-," you whispered, making him chuckle, "little birdy told me," he said, looking over his shoulder at his daughter.


"Come on buddy, wanna play with daddy?" Louis said, looking around the stadium slowing filling with fans. Although today was Father’s Day, Louis had organised a charity soccer match. You bounced the little boy on your hip and kissed his head. "Mummy will watch from here," you said. Noah nodded and kicked his legs, smiling at his little soccer shoes. You put him down on the ground and he ran off to the balls on the field. Louis placed his hand on your back, making you look at him. "I know you wanted today to be just the three of us," he whispered, "but this game is for a good cause." You smiled and leaned up to kiss him. "I’m proud of you," you smiled, "you’re showing Noah what’s important in life; putting people first and how to be a man." Louis chuckled and looked at his son, kicking the ball around gently. He was proud of his little boy and loved being a dad. "I better go, don’t want him on the field once it gets busy," he said, before jogging off towards Noah. You pulled out your phone and took some photos of your two favourite boys, smiling to yourself.


"Come on Horan’s. There is a lovely spot up here for our picnic," Niall said. "Come on daddy," Cora giggled cheekily, "Cor-ra hungry." Niall chuckled and watched her walk in front of him. As the four of you walked along the rocky surface towards the grass area, you kept your eyes on the toddlers. "Careful Dec," you said, holding the little boy’s hand. "Good mummy," Declan replied, smiling fading he as concentrated. You sighed as you stepped onto the grass. "Here daddy," Cora said, jumping up and down excitedly. Declan giggled at her and looked around, smiling at the bird and trees. As Niall spread out a blanket and opened the picnic basket, the twins quickly sat down. They smiled widely at the food you had packed. "Ake," Declan whispered to his twin sister. "Apples," Cora added. Niall looked at you and smile happily. You blushed as he kissed your cheek. "Thank you," he whispered, "I love our little munchkins and being their daddy." You opened your mouth to reply, but a squeal cut you off. "Daddy," Cora squealed again, "come daddy, bug yuk."


"Are you ready baby? We have to go if we want to make the dinner reservation," Harry called out. "Just looking for my black heels," you replied, thinking where you left them. Harry chuckled and shook his head playfully, making Spencer giggle. "You have more shoes than mummy," he reached out his hands and she ran towards him, placing her little hands in his, "but she always loses hers." Spencer smiled cheekily up at her father with matching green eyes. "Daddy day," Spencer giggled. "That’s right Angel. Today is Daddy’s day," he smiled at how smart she was getting, "daddy loves spending time with mummy and Spencer. You look very pretty. Ready for dinner with Nana and Papa?" Spencer nodded excited and swayed her body, squealing as her dress moved too. "Dance dance," she squealed again, "daddy." He chuckled at his daughter and watched her for a moment. "Daddy, plwease?" she pouted, knowing Harry would give in to her. "Of course daddy and Spencer can dance together," he replied, starting to ‘dance’ carefully. "More daddy," Spencer giggled, poking her tongue out playfully, "love daddy."


"Thank you for today babygirl, the best Father’s Day I’ve had," Zayn whispered, wrapping an arm around you. You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder. "Happy Father’s Day," you replied and looked at your little boy playing happily with his toy trains. Kaiden made little noises to himself as he pushed the trains along the carpet on the living room floor. Kaiden heard his father’s voice and quickly turned around. "Daddy," Kaiden squealed and stood up. He jumped onto Zayn, making him laugh out of surprise. But Zayn lost his balance and fell backwards, bringing you down with him. You laughed as the three of you were now laying on the ground. "Daddy, no no," Kaiden giggled, trying to wiggle out of his father’s arms, "play train." You wrapped your arm around the toddler, "but mummy wants a cuddle." Kaiden shook his head and tried to wiggle closer to Zayn. You looked at Zayn and smiled, "how about a family cuddle?" Zayn returned your smile and Kaiden nodded; although he wanted to play, a cuddle with daddy was much better.

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