#08 Learning

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A/N: He teaches them about various things..

Hope you enjoy this part.


"Mummy is down in the kitchen," Liam said, brushing Amelia's hair softly, "are you hungry sweet pea?" She nodded and played with the lace on the bottom of her dress. "Mummy, lunch," she lisped, looking up at Liam and making him nod. He put the brush down and kissed her head. "That's daddy's cheek," he said, touching where she poked him. Amelia smiled widely, showing her little white teeth. "Where is Emmy's ear?" Liam asked his little girl. Amelia thought for a moment, before putting a little finger in her ear. He laughed and smiled proudly. "Where is Daddy's nose?" he asked. Amelia giggled and poked his nose. Liam smiled proudly and thought about parts he hadn't taught her. "Fingers Emmy, can you wiggle your fingers?" he said, opening his hand and moving his fingers. Amelia looked down at her hand and opened it. "fin-ers," she repeated and moved them like Liam. "That's right and these," he said, sliding off her socks and playing with her little toes, "are toes." Amelia squealed and kicked her feet around, giggling as she was ticklish. Liam stopped and looked at his daughter sitting on the changing table. "Daddy," she squealed as Liam picked her up. "Where are Amelia's lips?" he said, making a kissy face at her. She tried copied his face, but pouted instead. "Kiss kiss daddy," she said. "A kiss for my little girl," he said and pressed a light kiss to her little pink lips.


"Come on buddy. Daddy wants to show you something," Louis said, picking Noah up and sitting him the couch beside him. Louis opened the family photo album on his lap. "Nana," Noah squealed and poked Jay in the photo. Louis nodded, smiling at his son. "That's right little Tommo. Who is this?" he asked, pointing to a blonde haired girl in to the next photo. "Aunty Lottie," he said. "Lot-y," Noah giggled, looking up at his father, "Lot-y," he repeated proudly. "That's right Noah. Shall we see who else we can find?" Louis said, wrapping an arm around his little boy, the other hand turning the pages of the album. "Here is Ernest and Doris. Remember Ernest loves kicking ball with you and Doris likes watching movies," Louis said, happy to talk about his youngest siblings. Noah's big blue eyes scanned the photo, taking in the details of all the people. Louis smiled as Noah leaned in closer and stared at them. "E-nest. Dor-is," Noah whispered, looking at Louis. "Perfect," he kissed his head and turned another page. He chuckled under his breath at the next photo. Noah looked down and giggled happily. "Daddy. There is daddy," he squealed and hit Louis' arm a few times. Louis watched as his eyes widen as he saw the next one. "Mummy," he giggled and poked the photo, "Noah, Mummy." Louis nodded and rubbed Noah's back. "I knew you would know that one," he said under his breath.


"What noise does a sheep make?" he asked, pointing to the picture of the sleep. The twins sat in front of him and looked at the children's book on his lap. "Eep eep," Declan giggled and ran his hand over the white fur on the page. "Does a sheep go baarrrr?" Niall said, dragging out the sound. The room filled with little giggles as they listened to their father act like a sheep. "Baarrrr," Cora opened her mouth wide. "That's perfect Corabear," Niall encouraged and moved her light brown hair out of her face, before looking at his little boy. "What about you Dec? What noise does a cow make?" he said. Declan smiled and looked up at him. "Mmoooo," Niall whispered and tickled his little belly. Declan giggled loudly and pushed his father's hands away. "Mooooooo," he repeated. "Baarrr," Cora added. Niall chuckled and turned the page in the book. He looked at the next animal and shook his head playfully. "Nnnaayyy," Niall said, making both of the twins snap their heads towards him. "Orse. Daddy is a orse," Cora squealed, "baarrrr, eep." Declan clapped his hands and repeated himself, "mmoooo." Niall leaned back against the couch behind him and smiled widely his two little ones. As you were in the kitchen, you heard laughter and noises. After drying your hands, you walked into the living room and laughed to yourself. "I thought my Horan's were in here; not farm animals," you smiled and leaned against the doorframe, listening to the three of them continue to make noises.


"Daddy will be right back," Harry said, kissing Spencer's head. He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, smiling to himself when he saw a small container of grapes. He picked them up, before returning to the dining room. "Daddy," Spencer said, clapping her hands together. Harry chuckled, pulling a chair towards her highchair and sitting down. "One two three," Harry said, lining up grapes on the highchair tray in front of his daughter. Spencer giggled and picked one up. "Tooo," she whispered and put it into her mouth. Harry shook his head, but smiled wide, showing his dimples. "One," he repeated, holding up a finger. She looked at her hand and copied her father; pointing a little cubby finger at him. "Two," Harry said, holding up another finger. Spencer copied him again. "One Toooo," she giggled and put up another little finger, "Eeeee." Harry smiled proudly and kissed her head again. "That's right Spence. One Two Three," he said encouraging, "Mummy is going to be so proud of you." He went to put some more grapes in front of her, but got an idea. "Would Spence like one cookie?" Harry said, walking over to the cookie jar on the table, "but don't tell Mummy." She shook her head. "No Daddy. Eeeee," she squealed, holding up 5 fingers. Harry laughed. "I guess we have to work on those numbers," he said to himself, getting out two cookies; one for each of them.


"What you are doing Kade?" Zayn asked walking into the nursery. Kaiden looked up and smiled widely. "Locks. Build tower," he said and looked at the blocks he had piled up. Suddenly they came crashing down, making Kaiden pout and tears fill his big hazel eyes. "Can Daddy help you build a bigger tower?" Zayn asked, quickly sitting down beside him. Kaiden watched as Zayn started building another one. "Daddy," Kaiden squealed and crawled closer to Zayn. He picked him up and sat him on his lap. "Locks locks," Kaiden whined, making grabby hands towards the blocks across the rug. Zayn chuckled and picked them up. "Blue or red?" Zayn asked the little boy, holding a block in each hand. Kaiden looked at them then up at Zayn. "Boo," he giggled and took the block, putting it on top of the tower. "What is this colour K?" he asked, pointing to the bottom of the tower. "Ello, ello," he squealed, picking up another block and bringing it close to Zayn's face. "And that's green. Green is Daddy's favourite colour," he explained. "Reen," Kaiden repeated. Zayn smiled proudly and kissed the little boy's dark hair. "What is Kaiden's favourite colour?" he asked, "Blue, red, yellow, green?" he pointed to each block as he said the colours. "Ed ed ed," he squealed and picked up the red block. He excitedly bounced on Zayn's lap, causing the blocks to fall. "More more," he giggled.

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