#13 First Crush

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"Ni Ni," Amelia whispered, tugging on his jeans. Niall stopped talking to Harry and looked down; smiling wider as he saw a pair of brown eyes staring up at him. He knelt down in front of the little girl. "Hey Emmy," he said, fixing the bow in her hair gently. She giggled, turning her body shyly and making her dress move around her legs. "You look very beautiful today darlin’," he said and took her little hand in his. Amelia smiled widely, a faint blush creeping up her cuddly cheeks, but Niall didn’t notice it. "Where is daddy?" he asked, looking around the backyard. She shook her head and squeezed his hand lightly, making him look back at her. "No Daddy, Emmy want Ni Ni," she giggled, cheeks turning redder. Niall chuckled and scooped her quickly, causing the backyard to fill with her little laugher and high pitch squeals. He sat her on his hip and stepped towards the house where he could see you and Liam watching from the kitchen window. "Does Ni Ni get a kiss?" he asked, tapping his cheek. She giggled and shyly played with the zipper on his hoodie. Niall chuckled and pressed his lips to her cheek, making her giggle again. She buried her head into his neck, turning shy again. He patted her back as she snuggled into his chest. "I think Emmy has a little crush," you said as they walked inside.


"Fee-a?" Noah called out, walking into the kitchen where you and boy’s wives were. He saw you, but keep looking around for Sophia. Sophia stopped talking and looked at the doorway. "My favourite little Tommo," she said and knelt down to his level. He giggled excitedly and quickly ran up to her. "Fee-a," he repeated and placed his little cubby hands on her shoulders. "Noah," she said and put her hands on either sides of his body, "what are you up to?" she said softly, knowing he was as cheeky and playful as his father. "Noah, are you hungry?" you asked, but Noah smiled wider and stared at Sophia. You stepped back and watched them. "Play with me?" he asked and smiled as he gently ran his little fingers through her long hair. "Of course Noah," she said, rubbing his sides. "Pwetty," he blurted out, blue eyes studying her face. She blushed and shook her head, but Noah was sure of himself. "No Fee-a. Really pwetty. Pwettier than mummy," he repeated, whispering at the end. He pressed his lips to her pink cheek, making a loud "mwah" as he pulled away. Sophia giggled shyly and stood up. "Thank you Noah. I think you are pretty too," she said, holding out her hand. He happily grabbed her finger and pulled her towards his toys in the living room.


"I can’t believe it’s been that long," Liam said to Harry. Cora heard his voice and squealed, running past the boys and the families, who filled your backyard for your monthly get together. "Li Li," she giggled and ran up to him. She put her little cubby hands on his knees and looked up at him, smiling wide. He quickly turned his head and smiled at the little girl. "Hey Cor," he said. She whined and raised her arms up to him. He chuckled and picked her up, sitting her on his lap. She wiggled and knelt up, eyes staring at him. Liam put a hand on her back and Cora patted his chest. "Li Li," she smiled, "kiss kiss?" Liam chuckled and went to press his lips to her cheek but she moved her head and he kissed her little lips. She squealed and leaned against him, blushing at getting a kiss from her favourite person. Liam froze, shaking his head at what just happened. 

Meanwhile, Niall was cooking the barbecue, while talking to Perrie. Declan stood behind his father’s legs, shyly hiding away from Perrie. He moved his head a little and looked up around Niall’s leg to see her. She saw Declan smiling at her. “Hey Dec,” Perrie said. He quickly moved back behind Niall’s leg, hiding his redden cheeks. She giggled and knelt down in front of the little boy. “Declan, come here to Aunty Perrie,” she said softly and reached out for him. He looked up and smiled shyly at her. Without saying anything, Declan ran towards her, crashing into her chest. She giggled and picked him up, holding him close to her. “Are you helping Daddy cook?” she asked and kissed his redden cheek. He nodded and rested his cheek on her shoulder, blue eyes watching her. She rubbed his back soothingly and went back to talking to Niall.


Spencer sat on the kitchen counter, as you stood in front of her and wiped her face, cleaning her up after lunch. Spencer poked her tongue out, licking the wash cloth. Zayn walked into the kitchen looking for a drink, but stopped when he saw you and Spencer. He quietly stepped forward and stood behind you. “Zen Zen,” she suddenly squealed, making you jump. She pouted and whined, reaching out for him, so you moved away and let him take your spot. He put his hands on the counter on either side of her and kissed her head. Spencer’s smile grew as she lightly traced the tattoos on his arm with in little finger. “Drawing,” she said, now rubbing her hand over his inked skin. He chuckled and nodded. “Maybe when you’re older, Daddy will let you get one,” he whispered. She looked up at him and smiled. “Zen cuddle?” she asked, leaning her body against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head. “Of course Spence can have a cuddle,” he said, picking her up and sitting her on his hip. She snuggled into his chest, little arms around his neck and head on his shoulder. Zayn swayed slightly, humming an unknown tune quietly. After a few minutes, Spencer lifted her head up and looked at him. “Me luv cuddles,” she whispered, blushing a little.


"What you got there, buddy?" Zayn asked, watching his son. Kaiden smiled and held up his favourite book, making Zayn chuckle. "Cuddle and read it together?" he suggested. The little boy frowned and shook his head. He looked around and his eyes lit up when he saw Eleanor. "El-nor," he whispered, cheeks turning pink. Eleanor smiled at hearing the nickname he had for her. She smiled and stepped towards him. "I love this book Kade. Come on," she said, holding out her hand and he quickly grabbed it. They went into the living room and Eleanor sat down on the big comfy chair. Before she could pick Kaiden up, he climbed into her lap and put his head on her shoulder. "Comfy Kade?" she giggled and rubbed his back. He nodded and snuggled into her; his smile growing as she kissed his head. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," she started. After a few pages, Kaiden stopped listening and stared up at her. "El-nor?" he asked shyly. He reached up and gently put his little palm on her cheek. She looked down, returning his smile. "Yeah Kade," she replied, putting her hand gently on top of his little one. He giggled and leaned up so his face was level with hers. He giggled and shook his head, not knowing what to say. "Keep reading?" she asked. He smiled and whispered, "El-nor read cat-pilla."

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