Easter Moment

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Happy Easter to you all. Hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful weekend. Don’t eat too much chocolate :)

We have included pictures in this preference; we can see them in the Tumblr post. Wattpad is not allowing me to comment with links, so I have to put it in here. Sorry everyone, hopefully you can see them..



"Your parents and sisters will be here in a minute," you whispered, smiling as Liam’s arms wrapped your waist from behind, "where’s Emmy?" Liam froze and pulled away; he left her alone for a moment to come check on you cooking lunch. "I’ll find her. I’m sure she is just playing," he explained, giving you a smile. Before you could reply, there was a knock on the door. "You find her, I’ll get the door," you said, knowing if Amelia was playfully hiding, she would come to her father. Liam kissed your forehead, before rushing to the playroom. He looked around downstairs but no sign of her, until he noticed the backdoor open. He went outside and smiled when he saw his little girl, happily sitting on the grass with her little Easter basket. Amelia heard his footsteps and quickly looked up. "Daddy," she squealed. "What are you doing out here sweat pea?" he asked, kneeling down in front of her, "Aunty Ruth and Aunty Nicola are here." She smiled widely, showing her chocolate covered teeth. Liam chuckled and run a hand through his hair. You didn’t want her having any chocolate right before lunch. "Come on Emmy," he opened his arms and the little girl giggled, crawling onto his lap. He wiped her face, smiling as she looked up at him with matching brown eyes. He stood up and put her on his hip. "Eggs, Emmy’s eggs," she pouted sadly and looked down. Liam picked up her basket, which she happily grabbed the handle in a little hand. He kissed her cheek and walked back inside. "Look who I found," Liam said. Both his sisters rushed towards him and started cooing over his daughter, making Amelia blush shyly.


"Mummy," Noah whispered loudly. He pushed open your and Louis’ bedroom door and giggled as he noticed you both still sleeping. He smiled cheekily and walked towards the bed. You twitched your nose and snuggled into the mattress. Suddenly something jumped on the bed and the room filled with little boy giggles. You open your eyes slowly and smiled at Noah. "Mummy, Daddy," Noah squealed excitedly, "the Easter bunny came. He left lots and lots of eggs." "Happy Easter baby boy," you said, rolling onto your back. Louis groaned and woke up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Noah dropped on his bottom quickly, making the bed move again. "Careful buddy," Louis said, sitting up and leaning against the pillows, "Daddy has a present for you." Noah’s eyes widened as he watched his father lean over the bed and pull out a little box. "Happy Easter little Tommo," Louis said, placing it on his son’s lap. Noah smiled happily and lifted the lid off. "Eggs, ears," he said excitedly, pulling everything out. You picked up the ears  headband and put it on his head. "My handsome little bunny," you said, touching the fur on the rabbit ears. He blushed slightly and picked up one of the plastic eggs. He noticed they opened, so he gripped each end tightly and frowned concentrating. He giggled once it came apart. "Daddy, eggs," Noah said and pulled apart another. Louis nodded and looked at you, proud of his little son growing up. Noah laid down on the bed and rubbed his cheek on the soft blanket. "Tired Noah?" you asked. He poked his tongue out playfully. "Mummy’s little bunny can’t be tired already?" you cooed.


"Happy Easter munchkins," Niall said, kneeling in front of the twins. Cora and Declan giggled at him. "Now, listen up. The Easter bunny left some chocolate eggs in the backyard for you," he gave them both a small basket, "can you find them-," the two little Horan’s ran away before he could finish. He chuckled and stood up, just as you walked outside. You sat down on the back porch step and patted the spot next to you, which Niall happily sat down on. You both watched Cora and Declan run around the backyard, looking in all the bushes and behind the trees. Declan squealed as he found a big egg in amongst the flowers. He picked it up and looked up, smiling happily at Niall. "Daddy, big egg," he giggled. "Great job buddy," Niall encouraged, waving proudly at his little boy. Meanwhile Cora was across the garden, looking in through the little bushes. She giggled happily as she found a few eggs hiding in the one spot. A while later, the twins had found all the eggs. They sat down on the grass and smiled at their baskets filled with chocolate eggs. Cora looked at her brother’s basket and frowned; he had found more than her. Declan picked an egg up and unwrapped the foil, bringing it to his mouth. As he happily bit it, he felt Cora’s eyes on him and watched at her. She pouted, little blue eyes filling with tears. He dropped his half eaten egg and stared at her. "Core-ra?" he whispered, looking at the her basket. He frowned, realising he had more eggs and her. Without giving it another thought, he took some eggs out of his basket and put them into his sister’s one. Cora giggled happily and wrapped her little arms around him, making Declan smile; even at a young age, he would do anything to make her happy.



"Come on Angel," Harry said, getting Spencer out of the car. This year Easter was Anne and Robin’s house and surprising Spencer was well behaved during the drive from London. He brushed her brown hair off her face and kissed her cheek. "Let’s go find Nana," he said. She walked towards the house, as Harry wrapped his arm around your waist and followed her. "Daddy," the little girl squealed, running faster on her little toddler legs, "Easter bunny came see Nana too?" She smiled widely at the big rabbit footprints painted on the path. Harry chuckled, remembering when his mum used to do that for Gemma and him. "Of course baby. The Easter bunny finds everyone, even Nana’s," he replied, making Spencer giggle excitedly. She cautiously placed her little foot beside one of the footprints and smiled as it was bigger than hers. "Big bunny?" she asked worriedly, looking back at you. You nodded and stepped towards her. "The Easter bunny is big, but he’s not scary. He brings good children and Nana’s," you paused, hearing Harry chuckle behind you, "lots of chocolate eggs," you explained. Spencer nodded, her smiling growing and eyes traveling over the footprints. Suddenly the front door opened and Anne stepped out. "Happy Easter," she greeted happily. "Nana. Easter bunny," Spencer squealed, running towards her grandmother. Anne smiled and knelt down, catching her. "Happy Easter darling. Yes the Easter bunny came here, did he visit you at home too?" she asked, kissing her head. Spencer pulled away and nodded excitedly. "I had chocolate in the car," she whispered loudly, giggling happily.



"Oh wait Kade," you said, reaching across the table for a small parcel, "Nana send this for you." Kaiden smiled widely and looked at the wrapped parcel in front of him, beside his empty plate. The little boy giggled and happily opened it. He pulled out a knitted beanie and a chocolate bunny almost fall out, but Zayn quickly caught it and put it on the table. "Bunny," Kaiden said, pointing to the chocolate. He lifted up his beanie and giggled when he saw the ears on it. "Kaiden can be a bunny," you said, "can mummy have a photo to send to Nana?" Kaiden looked a little unsure. "Come on buddy," Zayn said. He took the beanie out of his little hands and slid it on his head, over his thick dark hair. As you went to get the camera, Zayn got an idea. He disappeared and returned quickly with his old black nerd glasses. "Daddy’s glasses," Kaiden said, smiling as the too big glasses were placed on his face. Zayn took his hand and lend him to the wall in front of you. "You look so handsome today, my boy," you said, kissing his cheek. He blushed and looked down shyly, putting his hands in his little jean pockets. You quickly stepped back and took a few photos, smiling to yourself. "Why are you smiling like that baby girl?" Zayn asked, standing behind you. You looked at Kaiden, as he moved his little body, smiling and doing little poses without thinking much about it. "He is just like you," you said, "even behind a camera. A natural." Zayn chuckled, making Kaiden look up at him. "Daddy?" he asked, holding out his hand, "Photo?" Zayn nodded and knelt beside him, hugging him close, "Big smiles."

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