#01 First Birthday

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A/N: So we have decided to put the Baby Series on hold and start the Toddler Series. Please don’t panic; we will come back to the Baby Series; we just have some writer’s block on writing about newborns/little babies and have lots of cute ideas for Toddlers. Thank you for understanding and sorry if we have disappointed any of you xx


Theme: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

"Happy Birthday to Amelia, Happy Birthday to you," everyone sung to the happy little one year old. Amelia wiggled on Liam’s lap and clapped her hands together happily as she looked at everyone standing around the table, looking at her. "Happy Birthday sweet pea," Liam whispered and kissed her cheek. You smiled proudly as you knelt down beside his chair. "Do you want some cake Emmy?" you cooed, smoothing down her blue ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dress. "Ake, Ake," she giggled and pointed her birthday cake in front of her. He chuckled as she nodding excitedly at you. "I’ll cut it up, if you can put her in her highchair?" you asked Liam. He smiled and stood up with Amelia on his hip. As you cut the cake up and handed pieces out, Liam put Amelia into her highchair. You gave Liam a piece for Amelia, thinking he would feed her and walked away from the table. Moments later Zayn stopped you. "Y/N, Amelia seems to be enjoying her cake," he chuckled. You followed his gaze and gasped when you saw her. Lucky she had a bib on, or her dress would be covered in cake like the rest of her was. As you stepped closer to her, you smiled; her little cubby hands and her face was covered in frosting and pieces of cake. "Is that yummy Emmy?" you said, picking up a napkin to clean her up but stopped yourself as she tried to lick it up. Her little tongue poked out of her mouth and licked her lips. "Emmy’s irthday," she giggled and put her finger into the frosting on her highchair tray, "ake, ook daddy," she squealed, making you turn around. Liam was standing behind you, smiling wide, "my little girl is one, I can’t believe it."


Theme: Pirate

"The birthday boy gets to go first," Louis said, standing Noah up on the ground under the piñata. He handed him a light bat and kissed his head, before going to get his phone off the table. "You can’t give him the bat and walk away Lou," you said. "But he might hit me," Louis chuckled, making you shake your head. "Or hit himself," you added. You walked towards Noah who was looking up at the pirate themed piñata and knelt down beside him. "Mama, bat," he giggled and hit the ground with it, before looking at you. You smiled proudly and moved closer to your son as he wobbled on his little cubby legs. "Can Mummy and Noah do it together?" you asked him, "hit the piñata?" You kissed his head, making him smile widely, showing his few white teeth. You wrapped an arm around the little boy and put your hand on his smaller one on the handle of the bat. You looked over at Louis and raised an eyebrow at him as he was pointing his phone at you and Noah. "Come on Noah," he cheered, making your family and friends clap in encouragement. "Ready my baby boy," you cooed and swung your hand, hitting the piñata. Noah gasped at the noise, then smiled. In the moment, you moved back and let him take over. He loved making a mess and loud noises. After a few hits, the piñata started to get a hole, but not big enough to break. "Mama, hit nata" he lisped. Louis smiled widely as he recorded on his phone. Noah hit it again, breaking the piñata and sending candies onto the floor. Noah squealed loudly and fell down onto his bum. He dropped the bat and picked up some much candy as he could in his little cubby hands.


Theme: Great Gatsby / 1920s

"You ready Cora?" Niall smiled and stood behind his little girl with a croquet stick in their hands. He swung it back slightly before hitting the ball. She giggled and watched the ball roll across the grass. Declan who was sitting on the grass a few feet away, clap his little hands together in excitement. "Ni can we get a family photo before everyone gets here," you called out through the backyard. "And before they get dirty," you added under your breath. You smiled as you walked towards Niall and the two happy one year olds. "Come on Munchkins, Mummy wants a photo," he chuckled. "Hi Corabear," you cooed. She smiled happily, raising her arms up to you. You picked her up as Niall picked up the little boy. "Hey Little Man," you kissed Declan’s cheek, before following Niall to the back porch. You sat down and put Cora on your lap, and Niall placed Declan’s on his. "Can you show Aunty Denise your pretty smiles?" you cooed and tickled your daughter, making her giggle. Niall bounced his knee, making Declan smile widely. "Cor, Dec," Denise called out, ready to take a photo. "Hey Princess," Niall said, making you look at him, just as the picture was taken. "Perfect," Denise smiled and handed Niall his phone, before picking up Declan. "Shall we go see Theo," she said, and looked at you. You nodded and stood up, with Cora on your hip. "Meet you inside, Ni," you said, kissing his cheek, before following your sister-in-law inside. "I’m so tweeting this," he whispered to him. He smiled and posted the picture with the caption: ‘@NiallOfficial: Been the best year of my life. Happy Birthday to my two little Horans. Love Daddy x’


Theme: Snow White Princess

"Spencer is smarter than you think Haz, she will know it’s Gemma in the costume," you said. Harry looked at his little girl playing happily, then back at you. "I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll go get her," he said, walking out the room. Moments later, Gemma walked in. You gasped, admiring how good she looked as Snow White. Spencer looked up and saw her. "Gem, Gem," Spencer whined, raising her little arms towards her aunty. Gemma smoothed down her Snow White costume, before kneeling down beside her one year old niece. "I’m not Gemma, I’m Snow White," she opened her arms, "Can Snow White have a cuddle?" Spencer crawled towards her and used Gemma’s legs to push herself up onto her short little legs and leaned against her. Gemma brushed Spencer’s brown hair out of her face, as the little girl smiled excitedly. "Is your name Spencer? Are you the birthday girl?" she asked. Spencer tapped her chest a few times. "Spence, Me," she lisped and dropped her hand. She giggled and swayed on her feet, loving how her dress swung. "I love your dress," Gemma said, "it’s just like mine." Spencer’s little mouth dropped open, as she looked Gemma up and down. "I have something for you Spencer," she said, pulling out an envelope out of her bag. Spencer look at it confused, so Gemma opened it. "To Spencer, Happy first Birthday. Love from Snow White," Gemma read the card. Spencer giggled and stared at Gemma. She reached out, but before she could grab Gemma’s hair, Gemma picked up and stood with her niece on her hip. "Come on darling, it’s go find Mummy and Daddy," she said and kissed the little girl’s head.


Theme: Superhero

"Time for a present from Daddy," Zayn announced and looked around the room full of your families and close friends. You looked away from Kaiden, who was happily playing with some building blocks he just opened, to Zayn. "Before you say everything; I’ve working on this out in the garage when you’ve been busy," he whispered. He kissed your cheek and ruffled Kaiden’s dark hair, before standing up and walking out of the living room. "Dada," Kaiden whined, he bottom lip starting to tremble as he watched his father leave. "Hey Kade, it’s alright darling," you cooed and opened your arms for the one year old. He crawled into your lap and you kissed his cheek. "No tears baby, daddy will be back," you said. Just then you heard footsteps approach the room, and Zayn cleared his throat making everyone look at him. Kaiden’s head snapped up and he smiled widely showing his few teeth. You stood up and sat the little boy on your hip, walking towards your husband. "To the birthday boy," he smiled and pulled a painted cozy coupe into view, "every superhero needs a car." You gasped as Kaiden squealed excitedly and wiggled on your hip. "I was not expecting this," you giggled and knelt down, putting him into the car. "Kade car?" he lisped, big brown eyes just like Zayn’s looking at you. "Yes for you, gorgeous boy," you replied and stood up. "But Zayn he can’t walk yet, how is he going to move this?" you asked and Zayn smirked at you. "Are you ready Super Kade?" he asked and gently pushed the car down the hallway. "Aster Aster, car go dada," Kaiden squealed and giggled as Zayn pushed him again.

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