Chapter 1: Paracausality...

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"Every Step We Take Is Another Step For A Spark of Inspiration To Spark A Creation. Don't Hold Back, Just Create What Your Mind Tells You And Follow It. Though It Seems Unique Or Odd, Creating Something That Will Inspire Someone, Somewhere, And Let Them Take That Piece of Your Creation And Create A Legacy Of It In Remembrance.
Open Your Creativity Like As If They Were Your Own Eyes. Believing And Seeing Are Two Different Things. Make Your Thoughts Into Creations And Make It Your Mark.

Unravel The Next Step In Your Journey."
- The Author

Since the Vault Assault, I've done absolutely... nothing. Nothing really. I've slept, ate, and trained. And learned. But other than that, it's been the same with me. But like I said, I've trained, and I've gotten better. I can maneuver attacks very quickly, and I've been able to multitask with Light consumption and management. There has been some new habits kicking in, and some old habits that I can't shake off. It's been 2 weeks since the Vault Assault, and nothing has really changed.

"Crimson, wake up," said Nolan. "It's almost 6, and class starts at 6:30."
I groan tired. "I'm tired," I said. "I'll just copy Indigo's notes."
My bedroom door opens, but I do not turn to look.
"Indigo, a little help, please?" Nolan begged.
I hear Indigo's footsteps walk around the room to me.
"Crimson, wake up chap. You don't want to have another detention from Shaxx, do ya?" She says.
I don't answer. Mainly because she put me in a spot where I can't answer.
"You think I'm gonna buggah off just because you're not gonna answer? Think again."
She puts her hands on me and tickles me.
My spine reflexes forward as she does so.
"Hey, quit it!" I laugh.
She does it a little more then stops. She then lays with me and hugs me.
"C'mon love, lets sit in a room for four hours and do nothing. Sound fun?" She says sarcastically.
I smile and stare at her. "Okay, fine. I'll live to sleep another day... I'll be up in a sec."
She rolls out of bed and walks out. Eventually, I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I lean over to the mirror and check myself out. My hair is different. It's still white, but has a small wine red ombré on the end on my hair. Like fiery loose ends that represent a tail. And on top of that, my hair has also grown a lot too. It's halfway down my back.
"Still changing?" Said Nolan.
"Yeah, and I don't know why," I replied.
"If it is something that my mom had... or who knows. Maybe Mother could have done something with me."
"As long as it doesn't affect you lethally and it doesn't affect your school work, you should be fine."
"Hmm. Yeah... maybe...." I trail off.
"Something wrong?" He asks as he appears in front of me. I stare down to the sink and think. What would cause something like this? The fangs, the hissing, the ombré. All these mean something that I don't see clearly. Could it be Ravenclaw? She's ominous, that's a fact, but how could she cross paths with me? Better yet, when?

"Um, no," I say blankly.
He flies up to me closely. "Crimson, I trust you very much. I'm not just a companion, I am also someone you can talk to as a friend."
I close my eyes and smile a little. "I know you can. And I love you for that," I responded.
I open my eyes and stare at him smiling.
"Now let's get our day started," he said.
I nod. "Yup."
I start my daily routine; eyeliner, mascara, casual clothes, and lastly, my Kell Hunter's Cloak. I wear that along with a black short skirt, a white short sleeve shirt, and black and red sleeve length gloves. The part you can see my light blue awoken arm was almost at the top of my arm, and my fingers. Everything else was covered with clothing.
Also, couldn't forget about my black and white high heel boots.
"Everyday you put those on I still wonder how you fight in those," said Nolan.
"Eh, they comfort me," I replied.
I stepped out my room and headed out. I went to the elevator and pressed the floor that my class was at. As the elevator doors closed, I lean against the rail in the back and waited.
"Can't believe this year is already almost over," I said.
"Yeah, it felt like a breeze," Nolan commented.
"I do and don't want it to be over."
"Why is that?" He asked.
"Well, I don't because I like sleeping in Cayde's class."
"And why do you want it to be over?"
I pull my arms up to my chest. "So I can sleep like a cuddly, soft kitten all day," I said in a cute voice.
"Is sleep the only thing you like?" He asked.
"Yeah, pretty much. Sleeping is like a dream... huh, the irony in that one," I said.
The elevator came to a stop and opened to the floor I chose. I stepped out into a crowd of people circling around. All I hear is the words, "Fight fight fight!" repeatedly from the crowd.
I dive through the crowd and find Titan and a Warlock clashing at each other.
"You wanna go?! C'mon let's go!" The Warlock said.
"You gonna regret this softy!" The Titan replied.
The Titan threw a swing at the Warlock and pummeled his face. The Warlock fell, but stood back up and kicked the Titan's face. Also forget to mention that they are not wearing helmets.
"You think you're better than me?! Huh?!" The Titan taunted. "We'll see about that!" The Titan clenches his fists and readies his Fist of Havoc. The Warlock growled and opened his hand to ready his Nova Bomb.
They stare at each other. Both of their human eyes drawn at each other.
The Titan runs at him, and so does the Warlock. I've never seen two supers clash together, and I don't think I want to know. I want to stop them. I grasp my hands together and grit my teeth. This isn't what Guardians do. This isn't Crucible. This is provocation. I have to stop them.
I take a step forward and ready myself to stand in front of them. Before I step out, a roaring yell booms across the crowd.
"Enough!!!" The voice said.
The two Guardians stop. Their element fizzles back into their bodies.
I see people moving out the way where the voice was.
Shaxx steps in and stands furious.
"Bloody hell, what in the world do you two think you're doing?!" He yells.
I've never heard him shout so aggressively ever. And it's frightening to hear it.
"Everyone clear this area immediately! This is not an event to encourage!"
Everyone rushed out quickly and quietly. I stand there and stare at the two Guardians as Shaxx detains their Light by cuffing them with Light stunners; simply by the cuffs nearing a Light source will detain them. Shaxx just tossed them.

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