The Fanfic Lore: Bisoulars

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"These species are extraordinarily rare and majestic... They are true dominant warriors at best."

Bisouls are not easily found, they hunt in the shadows. They don't communicate among Guardians, at least not as much as before. They stay in the dark for similar, but various reasons. Some are evil, some are good, but they wield enormous power. Power that can destroy a solar system if they may.

Now, these creatures were first found before even Guardians existed, to be specific, right before Ghosts existed. Once they spotted Guardians, they disappeared.
How they look? Just like Awokens and Humans, but there's one exception. Their bodies physically have a animal trait such as a tail, wings, whiskers, enhanced eyes, scales, or even turning into a full animal if they wish. however, this doesn't apply to all of them. Some just have the trait and either doesn't realize and/or only shown in battle symbolically. And some may not have unlocked it yet. The traits are based on the animal your family favors such as, Dogs, Cats, Spiders, Snakes, Wolves, Eagles, Hawks, or even Dragons.

If there is one thing that can prove a guaranteed Bisoul, it's that they have a marking on their body. A tattoo that symbolizes their trait found normally on their sides, hips, arms, back, or upper thighs.

Potentially, anyone can become one, but some are born one. Being born one is a gift. You are gifted power and knowledge of your origin. If you are converted into one, well... you have a long way ahead of you.

The moral of this story is that, these near immortal creatures has our world on their hands. We can only imagine what they will do...

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