Chapter 2: Marked

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When I first met Eris, she was a bit... odd. She was at the Plaza, but at one of the corner pieces of it. She explained to me about how the Hive was making a wave towards Earth. And how Crota, a Hive God, was going to drain the Light of the Traveler if we don't stop him. She first wanted me to go to the Moon. She wants me to kill the Hive Princes that guard the Sword of Crota.
I agreed. "I'll do it," I said to her.

After that, I left and headed to the Iron Banner to register to that event that the Exo stranger told me to. Saladin allowed me to participate in that event and put me down in the list.
"Now that's done. Welp, time for eternal napping," I said.
"What about Eris?" Nolan asks.
"Tomorrow," I replied.

+ + +

On the day of the Iron Banner match I registered for, I went to the ship in the hanger with everyone else that was attending the match. I take a seat with 5 other people in the ship as it takes off. I relax myself, closed my eyes, and cleared my mind.
"Hey Hunter," someone said tapping my shoulder.
I open my eyes and look at the Warlock next to me.
"Hmm?" I replied.
"Think uh, you and I--we can stick together?" He asked. He seemed nervous and shy.
"Well, here's the thing. I'm a lone wolf type girl. If I were to work together with someone, I'd end up letting them down."
"Oh," he looked away in shame. "Okay, I understand. Sorry."
After saying that, I felt really really bad.
"Karma is gonna bite me in the ass for that," I thought.
"Probably," said Nolan.

The ship teleported us outside and flew off. I looked around and find us surrounded in the Cauldron. The match has started.

Simple, kill to win. Both teams were pretty evened out on attacks. Ups and downs, no critical downfalls or advantages. While in battle, I had the chance to see Athena participating in the same match. She was activating her Golden Gun and firing at my teammates. I rolled to cover and aimed down my sniper rifle. I fired the sniper at her head and killed her.
"Headshot," I commented.

The battle was actually now going to have a tide. We were winning. Just when we were going to win, it happened.
A yell. A deathly yell of a male Guardian cried out. Everyone stopped fighting and froze. This type of yell was like true death. Everyone agreed to stop the match and find out who that was. We all ran to where we heard it. It was in a room where bones of the Hive laid. And where the Hive bones laid, is the man that died. At first, you would think that Guardians can just come back to life with their Ghost. And you're right, we can. But this man and his Ghost had no trace of their Light. Like is was stolen, or devoured. A shadowy figure moves in a peripherals above my vision. I look up as the shadow disappears.

"What the hell happened here!?" Said a Guardian.
I approach the dead one and check for a pulse or Light.
"It's... its dead," I say in a low voice. It was that Warlock earlier that I rejected.
"No way! How did he die!?" Said another in the crowd.
I look at the corpse blankly. "I don't know. There's nothing that show that..." Then I see something unusual. I look closely at his neck and pull out a dart like bullet that was lodged in him. I stare at it and examine it. It was a dart that had rose-like symbolization vibe to me.
"Call the city that we need a pick up. This match is canceled," I told them.

+ + +

"Damnit! It's my fault!" I grunt in frustration.
I pace back and forth in my room in self hate.
"Damnit!" I repeat over and over.
"Look! Even if it was, it wasn't you that pulled the trigger! You getting jittery again," Said Nolan.
He's right, but I was in a flame of fury so I couldn't chill.
Before I kept ranting, I receive a text from the Vanguards. They summoned my presence.

I got to the Plaza and walked across the hall of Guardians.
I stand in front of the table they work and wait for them to speak.
Ikora holds the dart that killed the Warlock.
"That's the third time this had happened," she says.
"We must cancel the Iron Banner. This unknown threat is picking us off one by one," said Zavala. "Miss Solrac, was there anything else that relates to this event?"
"No, not that I know of," I reply.
"Is there anything else you wanted to add?" He asks.
At first I did, but then I held back for a stupid reason.
"No," I say. "I don't."

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