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Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's story by GYRAZAL1234567
Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's storyby GYRAZAL1234567
Idk. I'll write a description later
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Prince of Darkness: Shattered Past Book 2 by FactOrFunction
Prince of Darkness: Shattered UWantARefund
A few months after the destruction of the Black Garden's heart, things returned to normal for the people of the tower. As normal as it could be anyway. However in the se...
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Spark of Paracausality: The Oversoul Throne✔️ by Queen_Wicked_YT
Spark of Paracausality: The クイーン・ウィキッド
[Completed] "Can the Light of a Guardian die? Rather, how? Is there some sort of mechanism that keeps us going? It's doubtingly a masterpiece that we have not yet l...
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The Crucible by bleububbletea
The Crucibleby Bleu
Four drunken friends take on the formidable crucible. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. Warning: Cussing. (Side warning- this is my first attempt at a short story...
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Pillar of Grace by Descend34
Pillar of Graceby Descend
Another Destiny story which is still in process of being finished. This too was written for a friend. I take a lot of request.
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Just a Warlock by SmazzyNinja
Just a Warlockby SmazzyNinja
The last thing Red remembers is dying, then he's awake and running away from Fallen and finds himself at the Tower where he's assigned to a patrolling team that gets why...
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DESTINY by lodog19ismypsn
DESTINYby lodog19ismypsn
Join Fellow Gaurdian Jackson On His Wild Adventure Through The Universe And Into His DESTINY...
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Destiny: The Dark Below by TuneL1nk
Destiny: The Dark Belowby TuneL1nk
"I am not dead." Eris Morn, a creepy and unsettling Hunter, has returned from an extremely unsuccessful raid with its purpose to kill Crota. Avenge Eriana. Kil...
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Crota's End by TheOmen757
Crota's Endby Damien Austin Brewer
6 guardians go below the moon's surface to search for Crota,the Son of Oryx and seek his end.