Chapter 4: Old City Myth or... Legend?

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We left the moon and landed in Earth, specifically, the European Dead Zone. We walk the rest of the way, and we've been walking for an hour on a forest path.
"Why are we here? Why take me here?" I ask.
I stare at her long, shaggy, red hair that also had many loose ended black tails.
She also wasn't wearing her armor. She was wearing a dark red and black combat short skirt-like dress. And it was very short. Medium length from the back, very short length from the front. Surprisingly she isn't concerned for up-skirt because of how revealing it is not just for below, but for all around.
"Palamon," she told me.
"Why are we going there?" I asked.
"You have your Last Word, right?" She lampshades.
"Yeah..." I reply pulling it out. "Why dress so fancy?" I ask.
"New combat gear," she says. The way she answered that was so unhesitant.
"Why would I wear hard armor and magic robes when I could just wear a dress?"
"So we can be protected," I say optimistically.
She chuckles. "Please, I fight untouched. I'm faster than a Bladedancer, and stronger than a Striker."
"Was that considered an insult?" I wonder.

"You consider that insulting... I consider that a warning," she replied.

When we got far enough, the trees become more scattered. I see before me Palamon. An old city in Europe that got run down by the Fallen many times, but still held their ground since The Collapse. Their defenses weren't exactly Six Fronts strong, but it was enough to maintain order. In this city, there were no actual leaders or presidents. The people look over each other. Everyone is a leader technically. They just live. Unlike the Tower's city, Palamon flows based on the influence of the people. If one person becomes conservative about food and water, so will everyone else over time. If one person decides to build better defenses, then people will follow. But in order for this to happen, most people must like the idea. If one person becomes a problem to many others, then no immediate action is taken because like I said, there's no direct order. It's just whether if it's required to take action or not.

As we walk across the streets, people stare at us. Wait, not us... her. Once she realizes, she stops.
"Ima go leave. Just go to this address. I'll meet you there," she said, telling me the address. I look at the paper she gave me. It had a name on it, probably the owner. After that, she walked away in a hurry. People stopped staring.

I went to the address and knocked on its door. At first, there was no answer. Second time it opened. A man. Not just any man, a Hunter. Cloak, armor, everything.
"May I help you?" He said cluelessly.
My hands sweat and my mind goes blank.
"Hi, um. You must be..." I look down at me paper. "Shin Malphur?" I said.
He nods his head. "Yes."
"Um. There was a woman that wanted me to meet you."

"Is that so? What's her name," he asks.

"Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw Solrac," I said.

His eyes pop open and stares at me with utter shock. "Shhh!" He says, pulling me close to him by the arm. "Don't say that name out here!" He whispered.
"Wha- why?" I ask.
"Because I know her." He looks around and takes me inside. "We'll talk inside," he told me.

+ + +

"So you're Faith's kid?" He asks.

"Um, yeah. Names Crimson Isabella Solrac."

He laughs. "Of course she'd call you that. That's where she got it from... Lemme guess, maiden mother is Faith?"
I nod my head.

"This is crazy!" He says, pacing back and forth.
"Wait, so then that means you have my weapon! The Last Word!"

I pull it out. "Yup."

"Man, it would be awesome if you had Ravenclaw's dra-" he pauses from the unexpected doorbell. He looks at the door and walks toward it. I follow him to see who it was. He opens the door and sees Ravenclaw. She stares at him with her signature narrowed eyes.
"Raven! You're here!" Said Shin.
"Yes..." Ravenclaw replies in an obvious tone.
"Um, what do you need?" He asks.
"I need you to tell her," she said.
"Tell her what?"
She narrows her eyes even more with annoyance.
Shin then realized what she meant.

"Oh... yeah..." he says with disappointment.
"What are you talking about?" I butt in.
Shin crouches on his knees, bringing his eyes leveled with mine. That honestly made me realized again how short I am.
"Um... your father, Bronze... he uh... went on a mission," he said.
"Okay," I said in a perplexed face.
"He left 10 days ago and haven't come back. Ravenclaw found his Ghost... and the Ghost had confirmed his death." I looked at Ravenclaw. She wasn't joking this time. She stared the same way as normal. I look down. This has happened.

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