Before It All.

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          Before it all, Taylor looked like all the other hipster boys that would walk down high school hallways with a bright smile, and optimism all over his face. He was loving life, loving how things were going. Loving himself. He had a wonderful boyfriend, and his friends supported him on the way he was born. It made him feel delightful every second of every day, and he never wanted to die.
           That all changed. His world got thrown upside-down in the locker room one day, when somebody pointed out he has stomach rolls when he sits. He never thought about how its normal even for abnormally skinny people. They yelled at him, called him a pig. No, not even pig. They called him a boar. a boar, since they're uglier and hairier versions of pigs, with messed up crooked teeth. He was an ugly boar. and he believed it. They yelled names like fat ass faggot in his face, told him he deserved to die, that he should just hang himself.
          Before it all, Taylor was happy. Now, he was just some quiet boy who never seemed to eat. Before it all, Taylor was a joyful boy. Before it all, Taylor was alive.

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