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Pretty Boy. by CodyEdwards706
Pretty Cody Edwards
Taylor weighs a whopping 98 pounds, and in his mind he weights over 300 all thanks to a comment a few boys made in the locker room. He goes through sweat, blood, and tea...
  • bulimic
  • depressing
  • anorexic
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Stripping At 16 by QveenCandyyy
Stripping At 16by QveenCandyyy
A Young Girl Chardonnay Wants A Job Desperately, With Her Best Friend (Alize) By Her Side The Whole Ride. After Applying To Many Jobs & Not Getting Calls Back. She Gives...
  • chardonnay
  • teen
  • cece
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Open Book by pineapplefan
Open Bookby pineapplefan
A Supernatural Fanfiction: Dean was always able to read Sam like an open book. Until he wasn't. Teenchesters.
  • protectivedean
  • deanwinchester
  • sicksamwinshester
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All At Once (Dan Avidan x Reader Insert) by kittyMitten4444
All At Once (Dan Avidan x Reader Kathrine Carroler
You are (Y/N). After the suicide of your father, murder of your mother, and disappearance of your brother, you are left alone in this world. You are fired from your job...
  • hospitalization
  • thoughts
  • isuckatwriting
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My Prince (IDOLiSH7 Fanfiction) Izumi Iori x OC by Fumiko-chuan
My Prince (IDOLiSH7 Fanfiction) Fumiko-chuan
After Hisako Yukine is sent to the hospital because of a car accident that hit her from behind, her waist-down is all paralyzed. But like a fairytale, her very own princ...
  • izumi
  • yukine
  • love
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Desolation boy 3  by demxns--inside
Desolation boy 3 by I am Desolation Boy
This one is for the ones who don't feel like they exist. And the ones who never get a break from pain. All poems are from my head, heart, soul and personal experiences...
  • depression
  • sad
  • depressingpoetry
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A Night Without Stars by kaylamarie_recovery
A Night Without Starsby kaylamarie_recovery
Hey guys! This is a book I've written based on my life experiences. I warn you that if you're going through mental health struggles then there's a trigger warning relati...
  • adhd
  • toxic
  • neglect
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Power Of Love: by QEGuysMcDanno19
Power Of Love:by Ellie & Angela
Jason & Tommy are feeling the attraction, & sexual tension between them, But, They don't do anything about it, Tommy found the "perfect" guy , But, He isn't wh...
  • apologizing
  • fighting
  • establishedrelationship
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Anything For Family by AngelStar100781
Anything For Familyby Angela Antoinette Twigg
Someone threatens Mary, & Joan to get to Steve, What happens when Five-O gets involved ?, You don't wanna miss a thing !
  • sexualcontent
  • nightmares
  • general
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Instant Family: by AngelStar100781
Instant Family:by Angela Antoinette Twigg
Adam & Steve were ready to take the next step in their relationship, They adopted a cute four year old little girl, Will their lives become easier or hard ?
  • court
  • instantfamily
  • happyending
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Electric Connection by QEGuysMcDanno19
Electric Connectionby Ellie & Angela
Magnum & Rick started a relationship, & feel like they have a connection, Do they succeed ?
  • recovery
  • celebrating
  • injury
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Men are horrible by asuna6666
Men are horribleby asuna6666
A girl named Cala runs into a rich guy named Sono. She fell in love with him while he pretended to love her and when he found his true feelings for her it was to late ca...
  • cheating
  • hospitalization
  • sad
Blue Smiles {ON HOLD} by runninfrommyproblems
Blue Smiles {ON HOLD}by loser
Two broke people. Two broken, determined people that are trying to fix each other while both staying in a psychiatric unit for teenagers in London. Harry and Louis are f...
  • bulimia
  • anorexia
  • razors
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Saving Maddie by Maddy13rocks
Saving Maddieby Mads
After everything that had happened over the course of two days with Kenzie, the girls are left to face the reality that is Maddie's current state. Will they be able to s...
  • paigehyland
  • chloelukasiak
  • mackenzieziegler
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A New Chapter by xc_askingalex
A New Chapterby Alex
My last book, "Torn Apart", was supposed to be the book that I made progress. Instead, I brought myself down even more. I made no progress. I don't regret any...
  • agender
  • inpatienttherapy
  • pansexual
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We Met in Anger Management by overanalyzed
We Met in Anger Managementby overanalyzed
They say opposites attract. They say that the good girl balances out the bad boy. They say that the bad girl is changed by the good boy. But what if you had two opposite...
  • heartbreak
  • lovers
  • hospitalization
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The Dead Girl with a Heartbeat: Inside my Mind by avidpuzzler
The Dead Girl with a Heartbeat: avidpuzzler
Follow the journal entries in the life of a girl from age twelve to age fifteen. The awful ups and downs of her life caused her to become weak, and self harm. Eventually...
  • psychiatry
  • october
  • dysfunctional
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The Homicidal Patient by deepeninq
The Homicidal Patientby deepeninq
See this hospital patient turn what was sad, into depressing.
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • thriller
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Carlisle and Bella by Mysterygal2018
Carlisle and Bellaby Cheyenne Sullivan
'Why me?' I thought to myself. 'Why did this have to happen to my family?' I'm Isabella Swan but I prefer Bella. I used to live with my mom in Phoenix, Arizona. We lived...
  • bella
  • death
  • carlisle
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