Violently Beautiful [8] Ciao

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The place was packed, guys's peckers we're grinding against each other as they searched for some poor unsuspecting girl to hit on. Unsuspecting, yeah right. Snorting at the notion, I check the time on my phone again before shoving it into my jacket pocket. 1:30 am. Sitting uncomfortably on one, of the three, un-matching sofa's placed in the back corner of cyanide, I Scan the club to see the usual crowd flouncing around on the dance floor. Red faced, sweaty teenagers getting dirty in the middle of the dance floor, probably thinking they look sexy. All I can say is, they got class. Hopefully, the sarcasm was noted in that last statement.

The bar is inhabited by the entire football team, not including Cade, who I might add is currently chatting up the captain of the varsity cheer leading squad. And doing a good job by the looks of it, someone's gonna get laid tonight. Catching my amused gaze, he smiles across the room at me, his eyes alight with merit. Winking, I look back out at the dance floor and begin to search the crowd for the fourth time that night. It's time that boy got layed, he was starting to get on my nerves with his pent up hormones and bitchy attitude. Yeah, I know. Best friends usually give each other advice like, if she doesn't love you, don't get down with her, casual sex isn't the reputation you want to be known for, wait till you find 'the one', then you can make love, blah blah blah. I'm not your ordinary best friend, and he ain't no ordinary guy besides, he deserves a bit of affection. Even if it's for the one night only.

On that note, a couple next to me were making out passionately. (passionately my ass, eating each others faces off more like it.) While having their little suck fest, the girl elbows me in the chest, hard. Grimacing, I shoot a glare in the direction of the free porn scene and slide across the velvet seat, creating a much more wider distance between us. Safety first kids, pun intended. Rubbing the sore spot below my breast, I realise that the seat next to me is no longer unoccupied. I don't mean the couple, I mean the delicious specimen of a man sitting next to me. Without looking beside me, I continue to rub my tender ribs and say, "Took your time, Perve Boy."

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