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Bullied (BoyxBoy) by Kale_Brown
Bullied (BoyxBoy)by Offset YRN
Ethan Parker, A student of the Riverdale High School was Being bullied by Your Your typical Homophobe Named Derek Sparks. #66 in Short Story Caution: This is a Gay Story...
  • business
  • manxman
  • lgbt
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OC's by DeathManiac2413
OC'sby Whatever
Greetings! Welcome to my very first book on Wattpad.
  • bullshiz
  • poof
  • ocs
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Giant Tiny things 2 by Candycans0
Giant Tiny things 2by (Ri) Rianna Spencer
Woooow more G/T???? WOWOWOWOW!
  • tiny
  • giant
  • poof
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randomm  by Nora_Chan_
randomm by Nora
  • waitttt
  • hamilton
  • poof
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The Chaos of Knowing by Wishmaker1028
The Chaos of Knowingby Amie J. Kuhn
What if Jorgen had told everyone what had happened between him and Timmy during 'It's a Wishful Life' at the bash at the end of Wishology? How will everyone react to it...
  • fairlyoddparents
  • wanda
  • timmyturner
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This could be beautiful (lams) DISCONTINUED  by JohnLaurensgaybean
This could be beautiful (lams) DIS...by So much lams
When Hamilton and Laurens meet each over both of their lives change... A lams fanfic gonna be sad (WARNING: death, abuse, suicide, self harm etc)
  • johnlaurens
  • jefmads
  • poof
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Everything Is Nothing by sofiaaburto0987
Everything Is Nothingby sofia
  • poof
  • fake
  • sad
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The GodDaughter ? by DivaQueen15
The GodDaughter ?by DivaQueen15
Star Banks A Spoilt Rebellious L.A Teen Brat Going Through A Difficult Stage Filled With Dilemmas And Decisions, While Struggling In School, Trying To Adjust To Her Moun...
  • poof
  • lianev
  • music
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One Last Wish by pooferwoofer
One Last Wishby syafi
Timmy Turner is turning 18, which means he'll finally be an adult. But knowing that if he becomes an adult, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof would have to leave him forever. He kno...
  • wanda
  • cosmo
  • timmyturner
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ReProgramed by Insane-Membrane
ReProgramedby Insane-Membrane
"Oh my god, that's Eden Michell" "What is she wearing?" "Is she okay? "Do you think she's possessed?" "What happened to her"...
  • change
  • gone
  • reprogrammed
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Proof (Naruto YAOI) by slasheRR
Proof (Naruto YAOI)by no thanks
YAOI! KakaxOC, oneshot requested by Lilmininprogress. Mention of SasuNaru. -- His eyes narrow, not out of thought but anger instead. "More than fucking adorable! I...
  • kakashi
  • poof
  • naruto
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Dimmsdale High (F.O.P fanfiction) by TheBastardArc77
Dimmsdale High (F.O.P fanfiction)by khai Meunrath
Timmy Turner is now 15yrs old and he feels like something is missing from his life. but he carries on with regular school. back to the popular kids, the bullys, Jocks, n...
  • fairlyoddparents
  • cosmo
  • poof
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Cupidissimo shitshow (Fairly Odd Parents) by ChimeriaFinnaYEET
Cupidissimo shitshow (Fairly Odd P...by Ah shit my beans™
A/N: Ooooo boy another fandom, another story no one will read! Hahahaha saVEEEEE MEEEEE- Okay so with that note aside, this story is about Cupid x Juandissimo Magnifico...
  • gay
  • juandissimomagnifico
  • cupid
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Fairly OddParents Quotes by im-an-oof
Fairly OddParents Quotesby ☕️
This is another one of my favorite shows from my childhood and some of the things characters say just crack me up, so here are a few of my favorite FOP quotes
  • timmy
  • wanda
  • fop
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Poof by rosebooms
Poofby rosebooms
13 year old Nia Johnson is a girl who hates her poofy hair! She gets teased and questioned about her kinky curly hair. After a experience with her hair Nia tries to lear...
  • hair
  • africanamerican
  • curly
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Fairly Oddparents: A RP by CharlotteGBooth
Fairly Oddparents: A RPby Onceuponanarniangirl
Someone had to
  • poof
  • fairlyoddparents
  • wanda
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Ashes by momamoose
Ashesby Steph, or Moor
"Once a being has been named, it has power. Be sure to take care of yours. I'd know how important it is, because I lost mine." Joshua is always fretting over...
  • impatience
  • trenchcoat
  • teasing
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Fatgum religion, entry, introduction, requirements and all that stuff by FATGUM_RELIGION
Fatgum religion, entry, introducti...by Taishiro Toyomitsu
A religion to praise the great and adorable fatgum
  • fatgum
  • poof
  • religion
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Updates by LupinHymn
Updatesby Alison Carpenter
Random notes from the author
  • magic
  • poof
  • lol
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