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The Bad Boy is a Werewolf by Percabeth0418
The Bad Boy is a Werewolfby Paige Mendes
Suddenly I heard a loud noise... The cool wind blew my wavy brown hair into my face. I felt shivers run down my spine, and the slightest feeling of panic. A screech...
  • selenagomez
  • daughterofartemis
  • meganory
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The Girl in His Bed (Fnatic Fanfic) by MintKhaleesi
The Girl in His Bed (Fnatic Fanfic)by Kath Ro
  • yellowstar
  • tabzz
  • rekkles
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Anarchy's Mystery by Satan-Spawn-Angel
Anarchy's Mysteryby Satan-Spawn-Angel
Natalie Artino is probably better known as Natalie Walter. She is the daughter of Ace Anarchy (Alec Artino) and Sara Walter, a normal prodigy, no association with the An...
  • insomnia
  • blacklight
  • nightmare
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Angelic by maiboyleoishawt
Angelicby Banana Split
Angelo Panne is an Idol, a star a role model. So was Mary. They were partners, in song and crime. But then Mary died. And Angelo wanted her to be happy in heaven. So, be...
  • pudding
  • romance
  • snackpack
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Sketches and Skulls: My Art Book by SxgarBxnes
Sketches and Skulls: My Art Bookby 💓🌹Skelle Marrow Calamity🌹💓
read the title...all of these are drawn by your's truly
  • skelle
  • art
  • cyanide
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Need you not. (Fnatic Cyanide Fanfiction) by AlexMwooD
Need you not. (Fnatic Cyanide AlexMwooD
When Mia, sister of the league of legends player xPeke goes to live with the team for two weeks for her birthday along with her boyfriend. Things end quickly and she's s...
  • leagueoflegends
  • cyanide
  • xpeke
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Jurassic craft (carflo) by fluffy-butt-
Jurassic craft (carflo)by Fluffy-butt-
This book will be the similar carflo's Jurassic craft but it will have my own twist on it. If I not changing one chapter went the i will make a chapter with the episode...
  • carflo
  • cyanide
  • dinosaurs
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The Heir of Anarchy (Renegades Fanfiction) by Hamiltonian1026
The Heir of Anarchy (Renegades Lyndie Dayley
She watched her parents die. She was in a Renegade cell for ten years. She wants revenge. And she will do anything to get it. SLOW UPDATES
  • queenbee
  • cyanide
  • renegades
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Stories for Tomorrow | SovietCyanide by toogletoo
Stories for Tomorrow | laura !
With his first meet up, comes paranoia and terror, but with Cyanide by his side, Womble can conquer anything. This is a boyxboy SovietWomble and zfCyanide fan fiction.
  • bullshittery
  • twitch
  • zf
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Feeling Blue - A Klance Fanfiction [Langst] by birdbaby06
Feeling Blue - A Klance ♔𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕤�...
✮An AU in which Lance is dealing with Insanity and Keith tries to melt his frozen prison✮ -- The Langst is real. That's all I can say... Where my Klance fans at? Where m...
  • voltron
  • dreamworks
  • klance
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Youtube Truth Or Dare by Hopliln
Youtube Truth Or Dareby Azrael
just what is sounds like...
  • mcd
  • youtubers
  • minecraft
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Our little adventure by Aronwritesbooks
Our little adventureby Aron
Carflo x chrisandthemike
  • adventure
  • munching
  • cyanide
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Money doesn't buy happiness by agathaconandoyle
Money doesn't buy happinessby Flea
D.I Grouse is called in to solve a robbery, but after a contriversal death and threaterning letter he fears he may be in for more than he expected. Will Grouse be able t...
  • mushrooms
  • crime
  • garden
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Five Nights at Wolfey's 2 by AnimeWolf38
Five Nights at Wolfey's 2by WolfeytheWolf
After the incident at the first location, Wolfey's Wolf Den opened again new and improved! But like the first place this place has a dark twist and Connet's brother, Ted...
  • tigette
  • connet
  • teddy
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Area 16 by twinkies68
Area 16by Ari
  • area
  • fun
  • cyanide
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Cyanide  by CalamityRising
Cyanide by Inkspill
  • ontherun
  • short
  • murder
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My oc story by thecyanpsychopath
My oc storyby kim_lucas_on_hiatus
these are my main oc's that are part of the story -wolfer -Cyanide (wolfer's otherself) -kolby (wolfer's big bro) - ash -Shadow shifter And also the cover was made by m...
  • wolfer
  • adventure
  • story
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Five Nights at Wolfey's One-Shots by AnimeWolf38
Five Nights at Wolfey's One-Shotsby WolfeytheWolf
A Five Nights at Wolfey's one-shot book, made to give Seopard something to read.
  • thistakesplaceduringthesecondbook
  • cyanide
  • seopardhassomethingtoreadnow
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