Violently Beautiful [2] Slain

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Poor Achmed had no time to react, she was on him like sonic the hedgehog on crack, snapping his neck and quickly discarding the body. A couple of steps backward, I accidentally scuff my toe on the gravel. Snapping her head towards me, she gazes unblinkingly into my emerald eyes. Freaked that any sudden movements will set her off, I slowly back away like she's a kitten gone feral.

Pushing herself up with her hands, she let's out a high pitched scream as she straightens herself up into a standing position. Her limbs still in unnatural angles she began to limp towards me. I couldn't believe it, how the hell was she was managing to walk. One foot was facing backwards while the other was to the left, but still she was limping towards me. Retreat, Retreat!

Scared shitless, I turn and sprint for the cab, nearly losing a converse in the progress. Just as I reach the trunk I'm jolted backwards then pinned to the trunk, smashing my head against the taxi. Ouch is right, that down right hurt.

"Pretty girl." she sighed in a soprano voice, her breath caressing my face. The stench made my eyes water and unconciously flinch away from her. God, If I survive this. I swear I am going to use toothpaste like it's going out of fashion. Noticing my jerk, the girl smiles viscously at me. Her mouth was black and fleshy, teeth ripping her black gums.

Poor thing. I'd act like that too if my breath was continuosly testing everyones gag reflex.

Her fingertips drift up my left side until they rested below my jaw around my neck, lifting me off the ground. Her head dipped down then snapped back into it's original place, making her eyes roll into the back of her head. Just then, my phone vibrated in the front pocket of my jeans. Keeping my eyes on her face, I slowly slide my hand into the front pocket of my jeans. Hoping not to draw her attention, I fumble for my mobile phone.

Finally, clasping the phone in my right hand I look up to see her eyes are still shut. Quickly, I begin to dial the number for the police. A couple of numbers in and she grabs my hand and hauls it out of the pocket, flinging the mobile from my fingertips. With the hand holding my neck she slightly tightens her grip, making it harder to breath. Then with the other hand holding my wrist she began to slowly twist, jarring my wrist until I felt a crack and a blinding pain.

Bitch broke my wrist, a blood curdling scream made it's way up my throat. Dropping my limp hand, she buries her fingers into my dark raven hair. Yanking my head back at an unnatural angle to expose my neck. I'm not going down without a fight. But if I do, at least I'll die pretty.

Using my left hand, I slip it into my other pocket in search for something to use against her. My fingers graze the hidden lighter and grasp it, fumbling to try and light it. Feeling the soft burn of the flame, I wind my arms around her body, almost as if to embrace her, and sluggishly raise the flame to the girls hair to ensure she lit up quickly. Smelling something like acetone, I drop the lighter and slowly slip from her grasp, tears running down my face.

Shrieking, the girl becomes occupied with extinguishing the quickly spreading flames. I collapse on the rough gravel, knocking the breath out of me for a split second. My eyelids fluttering shut, I incline my head slightly towards the girl. The last thing I saw before I fell unconscious was the demon girl encased in flames, flailing in clouds of black smoke.

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