Violently Beautiful [7] Escape

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Ignoring the bile rising in my throat, I briskly walk across the carpeted floor to the window and slide it open, revelling in the cold, night air. Feeling the slight chill, I quickly snatch my Parker off the wooden desk chair and slip through the window. Sadly, my dad has no idea that sneaking out in the middle of the night is a regular occurrence in his house. Conveniantly, my room was built above the garage, creating the perfect escape route and he still doesn't understand why I love this room. Shivering in the cold, I lower myself onto the garage roof and pull on my black parker as I tip toe across the tin. I zip up my parker and tie my hair into a loose bun as I slowly move towards the edge of the roof, dropping silently to the ground and landing on the balls of my feet. Just call me Pussy Caitlyn. Smirking at my awsome wit, I straighten up so I'm facing the typical suburban house. Home, sweet, home. Glaring daggers at the shithole, I give it the one handed salute from hell and simper off down the road in the direction of the club.

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