Violently Beautiful [9] 20 questions

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"What can I say, I'm fashionably late." He yawns, looking over the crowd with a cursory look before looking back to me. His arms are lying across the back of the leather chair, his pale forearm a whisp away from touching my neck but close enough to tease the strands of my hair.

"I have questions," I state point blank, seeing no point in dodging around the question, "Do you have answers?"

He rests his head back against his shoulders and closes his eyes, his head tilted to face the cieling before he sighs, "Depends."

I narrow my eyes at the relaxed prick beside me, taking notice of the couple throwing us interested looks, I lean forward and lower my voice, "On what?"

He smirks and flops his head in my direction, "On how much you want them."

Promptly, I push down the reaction to raise an eybrow in disbelief and throw a punch at the dick. Instead, I lean forward and begin to walk my fingers up his muscular thigh teasingly and purr, "Very much so." before laying my hand on his crotch, "Besides, I think it would be best for everyone," I clench my electric blue nails tightly before winking,"particularly for your dick." 

"If you wanted to play dirty, you could've just said so." He smiles, turning his head back to face the ceiling and closes his eyes. "This is just another form of blue balls."

"Blue balls or no balls, their still going to be broken." I tap my finger slightly against his pants, not really caring about what lies underneath, "Girls don't usually find that attractive in a man."

"Lucky me." He laughs dryly before sitting up and turning to me, my hand still in his lap, "Now, once you have finished pleasing your hand," at this he glances amusedly down at his lap and looks up again, "I'll gladly answer your questions." 

I just give him an innocent smile and shrug as if saying, 'I can't help it.'

"You know, that doesn't hurt so much. It's sort of a hindering pleasure," he moans, closing his eyes in faux ecstacy, "A little to the left."

I quickly let go and lean back into the sofa, laughing softly and roll my eyes. It was pretty amusing to see him try and fail to be turned on. "You're a terrible actor," I sigh as I cross my legs and lay my hands ontop of my lap. The glances from the couple next to me are starting to get on my nerves, I gesture for him to continue, "Blow my mind."

He raises an eyebrow at me, "I thought I already did that." He smirks slightly and stands up to offer a hand to me, "Accompany me to the bar and I'll buy you a drink. I'm sure as hell I'll be needing one."

I nod and shoo off his hand with a gesture of my own and stand up and try to use my hand like an iron to flatten the wrinkles in my pants. I watch his back as he makes his way to the bar before I turn to the couple next to me, still staring from the corner of their eyes despite having their tongues down the others throat.

"Blow me." I raise my eyebrows, dropping the smile to exageratedly curtsy and walk over to the bar. "Oh, and mind your own fucking business."

The bar was pretty much a crime scene. As if I want to see Carrie Harris, the slut, lying across the floor while Jordan La Corde, the citys badboy, drank tequila from her pierced navel. Girls wearing minimal clothing and flaunting skin are crawling over overcompensating football players while testing cheap contraceptives they bought with their daddys paycheck. He must be so proud.

Lewis leant his elbows on the bar and gestures to the fit barman wearing a wifebeater, bandana and enough facial hair to be called un-hygenic, "One bourbon and -" he looks me over and clicks his tongue, "Actually, make that two."

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