Violently Beautiful [3] Perv Boy

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Why is my head hurting like a bitch? Groaning, I open my eyes only to be surrounded by darkness. Where the fuck am I and how the heck did I get here? Pulling myself into a sitting position, I place my aching head into my palms and softly rub my temples.

"This place is a shit hole." I grumble, as my eyes adjust to the cheap yellow light and wander around the room. Taking a deep breath, I smell gasoline in the air and... cat pee? Shit no, I'm allergic. Scrambling into a standing position, I frantically look around as if a little fucker will pop out of no where and go ninja on my ass. I wobble a bit on my feet, but quickly steady myself on a metal pole and lean my full weight on it. There's a couple more spread across the room, probably to keep the roof up. My eyes travel up the pole until it's supposed to meet the roof. 'Supposed' is the word here, Where the fuck is the roof? Searching the darkness, I find a small window filtering street light into the room. A dull thudding noise coming from it threads through the room until it murders my already killer head ache.

"Damn Demon Bitch..." I mumble, running a hand through my hair. It didn't get very far due to the birds nest now lying at the back of my neck. Sighing, I move across to the window and find it's a couple of inches too high for me to see through. Grabbing onto the window sill I pull myself up onto my tippy toes and peer out onto a familiar street. Across the road was Cyanide, the heavy bass shaking the window pane. Well, that sorts that out. I'm in the worn down construction site, doesn't look any better inside then out.

Sighing a breath of relief, I settle myself down until I'm flat foot again. Just when I was about to turn around and find an exit, something plasters itself to my back. Oh my Buddah.

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