Awkward Conversations

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Camila couldn't believe it. Lauren played sports? This was the first she had heard of it.  Her friend Dinah insisted she go to the hockey game with her because she wanted to watch her girlfriend play. Camila asked Michael to come, but he had "better things to do." What Camila saw shocked the hell out of her; Lauren was a beast on the ice. She didn't even know Lauren was athletic.

After the game Lauren had been following her post-game routine. She was excited that her team had won and that she scored another goal that night, which happened to be the game winner. The hockey player celebrated briefly with her team before gathering up her equipment and putting it in her bag. She always hung around after everyone left the locker room so she could shower with no one around. She looked around the locker room, and once everyone was gone she got her extra clothes and went in the shower.

Camila wanted to wait for Lauren. The cheerleader watched as some players were starting to leave. She looked around trying to find Lauren, but had no luck. She hummed to herself as she decided to head into the locker room to see if the older girl was still inside. Hearing the shower running, she assumed it was Lauren. Camila leaned against one of the lockers and waited, pulling out her phone to pass the time.

Lauren finished with her shower and dried off before quickly grabbing her sweat pants and pulling them on. She didn't bother with the extra clothes to hide her secret because no one was around and she was going straight home. Camila smiled softly when she heard the shower turn off. Her hand came up and played with the loose necklace dangling from her neck while she waited. She pulled out her phone and sent her friend a text.

Camila: My mom called. I have to drive Lauren home. Ugh... Go ahead and catch a ride with Mani. I'll see you later.

Dinah: Aight, Mila. See you tomorrow.

The texts Camila sent were a blatant lie, but Dinah didn't have to know. She looked at Dinah's response and put her phone back into her purse as she heard Lauren coming closer.

Thinking she was alone, Lauren quickly threw on her sports bra and started to dry her hair as she walked around the corner. "Holy crap." The hockey player said, jumping slightly at the sight of Camila. Her jersey and boxers fell out of her hand and onto the ground as her towel went flying toward her bag. "Camila?" She asked putting on her glasses. "What are you doing here?"

Lauren blushed and bent down to pick up the clothes she had dropped. She pushed her glasses up her nose as she stood up and walked over to her locker. Camila saw the blush and smiled softly. She bent down and helped Lauren pick up her jersey, holding it out for the girl.

The younger girl laughed at Lauren's reaction and completely avoided the question. "Why so jumpy, MVP?" She stood up straight. She hadn't ever seen Lauren this exposed before. She seemed... well, her body was toned. She looked hot with no shirt on.

Camila shook her head, trying to rid her mind of the impure thoughts she was having about her neighbor. She said the only thing she could think of to create some sort of conversation, knowing that Lauren struggled with communication, "I didn't know you played. Did you just join the team?" Hockey wasn't exactly popular in their school, especially women's hockey.

Lauren quickly pulled her sweatshirt from her locker and threw it on, feeling uncomfortable being so exposed to the younger girl. As Camila spoke she tossed her sweaty clothes in her hockey bag before zipping it up. "Oh, uh. Yeah. I do play. I've been playing since freshman year." She reached into her locker to grab her backpack, glancing up at Camila.

The girl was absolutely stunning...she was shocked that the girl would even show up to her game. "You came to the game? Why?" Lauren asked a little bluntly as she grabbed her bags and walked out of the locker room.

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