Purple - 19

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"Well, it's not the Met Ball," Veronica said as she, Archie, and Betty entered the dance. She looked classy in her black dress and pearls, her simple black heels completing the look.

"Welcome to public school dances, where the decorations are lame and the punch is spiked," Alice said as she walked over to Veronica, having arrived a few minutes prior.

Archie and Veronica laughed, but Betty seemed to have something more serious on her mind.

Archie and Veronica laughed, but Betty seemed to have something more serious on her mind

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"Hey, when do you have to let Coach Clayton know about football?" She asked.

"This weekend," Archie informed her.

Veronica sighed before saying, "Guys, can't we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock/artist? Can't we, in this post James Franco world, be all things, at once?"

"I've been working on it, Veronica." Archie said, smiling a little.

"Work faster," Veronica said teasingly, before linking arms with Alice, saying, "Come on , Alice, let's get punch."

"You got this," She whispered to Betty, before walking away.

Alice went with Veronica to the punch table, watching as Archie made eye contact with Miss Grundy and walked away from Betty, then saw Kevin go over to her, saying something she couldn't quite read off his lips, but it appeared as though he was talking about Moose.

Alice watched as Archie talked to Miss Grundy.

Stupid boy, she thought, why are you talking about July 4th in public?  Anyone within ten feet of you can hear.

Alice zoned out for a few moments, missing most of Cheryl's announcement.

"...and debuting a cover of the song my parents claim they were listening to the night Jason and I were conceived. This one's for you JJ." Cheryl said before walking off stage, letting Josie and her band begin their song.

Alice didn't like dances, to be honest. She was only there because she needed to be, because everyone was there and she wanted to be there in case anything happened.

Veronica was dancing with Kevin, and the two of them were not-so-sneakily watching Archie and Betty.

"Alice is... oddly supportive of Betty and Archie, don't you think?" Kevin said to Veronica, who looked confused.

"Oddly?" She asked, not really understanding.

"Well, after what happened in July, you'd think she wouldn't want Archie and Betty together." He told her.

"Wait, what happened in July?" Veronica asked him, intrigued.

"You know, July 5th, the day after Jason drowned, she just broke up with Archie, no explanation or anything. I mean, they had only been together for a month. She was close friends with Jason, maybe his death just triggered it." Kevin said to her.

"Alice dated Archie?" Veronica said, this being news to her.

"Yeah, he asked her out in May, and then suddenly in July she just broke up with him, no one knows why..."

Meanwhile, Betty and Archie were having a whole other conversation.

"So, now that I'm a RiverVixen.... and you're going to be playing varsity football, I have this fantasy of us as a power couple... or maybe even just a couple?" Betty said to him as they danced.

"Betty..." He said, with a tone that did not sound like he shared that fantasy.

"Is that so impossible to imagine?" She asked him, but it was too late, because his eyes had already met Miss Grundy's gaze.

Then Josie's song was over, and the crowd of students clapped.

And yet none of them had any idea what Cheryl was planning for them next....

- omg omg omg y'all have NO idea how long i've been waiting to bring up alice and archie's history like SRSLY-

-y'all prob already know why she dumped archie's f*ckboi self but if you don't, it'll be revealed soon-

-love y'all!-

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