Purple - 13

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                        PART THREE 'PURPLE' - CHAPTER THIRTEEN

"That guy, Archie... He was pretty cute, yeah?" Veronica asked as we drove back to my house.

"I guess... He's not really my type, you know?" I told her. It was true, I didn't really fall for jocks. 

"Not your type? Don't you have a thing for redheads?" She asked innocently, not knowing at all what she had said.

I felt my eyes water a bit as I inhaled sharply.

"Oh my god Allie, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot-" She started apologizing, but I cut her off.

"It's okay. Jason is dead, and I'm over it, really." I reassured her, lying through my teeth.

"Okay...anyways, I know I said I was filled with dread, but I'm actually excited to start school tomorrow. I'm not going to be that spoiled rich bitch anymore." She said happily.

"It's going to be great!" I told her, happily. We had just turned down my street, and I could see the kitchen lights on.

"Alright Ronnie, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Alright Alice, see you at school." She said, smiling.

I got out of that car as fast as I could, and went into my house.

- woahhh. alice doesn't like veronica as much as we thought, does she? also woahhhh alice has a thing for redheads??? specifically j a s o n?? this is major stuffs!!-

-also if you see like, large blank spaces in between dialogue, it means the gifs aren't loading for you!-

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