Blue - 3

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                       PART ONE 'BLUE' - CHAPTER THREE

Humming a song she couldn't quite remember the name of, Alice walked aimlessly around the forest. She wasn't exactly happy nor was she sad, simply filled with a silent feeling of general content as her face stayed blank.

It was only as she heard a light, feminine laugh that her face did light up with curiosity. 

She didn't remember that curiousity killed the cat.

And so, she carefully followed the noise to the source, and as she walked she heard not one, but two people. Slightly intrigued, her hand shifted from hanging pointlessly around her waist to a more fixed position on her camera that was slung in a bag on her hip. An almost painfully loud gasp escaped her lips as she saw her Archie Andrews, and her teacher together in a way that was definitely not appropriate. Realizing her mistake almost immediately, she clapped her  hand to her mouth, but it was clear she had been heard.

"What was that?" She heard Miss Grundy say.

"I don't know... I think it was just the wind..." Archie said back.

Alice dropped to the ground, her widened blue eyes staring up at the clear sky, her hand still tight over her mouth. She ignored the feeling of betrayal that was pooling in her. She blinked slowly, and did the only thing she knew how.

She took a picture.  

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