Red - 49

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Alice walked through the halls, recounting the event Betty had told her. Apparently, Miss Grundy had taught private lessons to Jason Blossom last year, and she had avoided talking about past schools she had worked at. As Alice made her way to the student lounge, she found herself worrying that Betty's suspicions about Miss Grundy were being fueled by her unrequited feelings for Archie. 

"Hey Alice," Kevin said as she entered the room, causing Veronica, who was sitting across from him, to turn around.

"Allie, hey," Veronica asked,  "You're going to the drive-in, right?"

"Yeah, I think so," Alice told her, before sitting down. Veronica was about to tell her that she and Kevin were going together, when in walked Cheryl.

"Veronica," Cheryl began, her hand placed over her heart in feigned sympathy, "it is so devastating to me that your mother has to sink to such unspeakable lows just to keep those knock-off Hermes bags on  your arm."

"What's next?" Cheryl asked, "Selling her hair extensions?"

"Cheryl," Alice said in a warning tone, "Chill, okay? Don't start a fight,"

Veronica cut her off, saying, "It's alright, Allie. My mom's a waitress, Cheryl, not Fantine. And, your faux concern reeks of ulterior motive. What is it? "

A tight smile formed on Cheryl's face, as she said, "Only to remind you of your place at this school, nay, the town's social hierarchy."

"Threatened, much?" Veronica teased, making Alice smile. "Don't worry, you may be a stock character from a 90's teen movie, but I'm not. And, what does any of this have to do with my mom being a waitress?"

"Oh, it's just that I saw her talking to a Southside Serpent last night, in the alley behind Pop's," Cheryl said, as Veronica turned to look at Kevin with wide eyes, seeming both alarmed and confused. "They were having an extremely heated, intimate discussion."

Cheryl reached into her bag, pulling out the photo she had taken the night before, and showed it to Kevin and Veronica.

"See for yourself," chirped Cheryl, in a happy tone. Veronica looked at the photo, recognizing the woman in it as her mother. Cheryl smiled, turned on her heel and walked away.

"Who, or what, is a Southside Serpent?" Veronica asked, calmly, as though she was trying to calm herself down.

"They're like, a gang," Alice told her, making Kevin nod.

"Yeah, they're a gang of bikers, who pretty much stay on the south side of town," he added. "And thank God, cause they're sorta dangerous."

"Mhm, drug dealers, petty thieves," Alice said, "They're bad news, Ronnie."

"Then what was my mom doing with one of them?" Veronica asked, as her mind was overtaken with doubt. It was clear that Veronica wasn't going to rest until she found out, and Alice sighed, because it seemed as though with every day that passed, a new mystery rolled into Riverdale.





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