Chapter 5

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George drove me back to his flat he shared with the boys.

He opened the door and I was faced with the messiest flat I had ever seen! I stepped forward as George closed the door.

" Ummmm,  Its.... quite unique." I stuttered.

"Yeah, Jaymi hasn't been home so.... we haven't cleaned up." George mumbled.

"Its ok. I'll do it." I said.

"NO. You can't,  your my guest and i will clean up." George stated.

" Well I want to help." I smiled.

"Your not going to give up are you?" He asked.

"Nope." I said popping the p.

Me and George walked into the kitchen got a bucket and two sponges. I was in charge of scrubbing and George was In charge of tidying.

We had turned on beethoven on and put it on repeat... and full volume. We were dancing away while tiding up. And I must say that we did a pretty good job. Josh had been asleep and yep he was very angry about the music so he got up and left. I think he said he was going to see JJ, again!!

After we had finished tiding we sat down and put im a celebrity get me out of here on. I wasnt really watching,  I was on instagram. if you are wondering I had a fan account,  of union j. I had my phone right up by my face while George watched imac. I was just posting a pic when all of a sudden George grabbed my phone and ran out the door. I chased after him, I heard him on the wooden floor in the kitchen.

I tip toed into the kitchen and looked around, 'where the fuck did he go' I thought. Just as I turned around he was infront of me. I screamed.

" Omg you have a union j fan account... OF JOSH!" George shouted.

"I know, well actually, I have a fan account for all of you. I was just on Josh's." I stated.

" Oh ok, can I look at my fan account??" George asked.

" OH HELL NO!" I said jokingly.

" Well then... I will go on now!!" George screamed as he ran into his bedroom and locked the door! !

I was hitting the door repeatedly then he opened the door and I tripped inside. I braced myself for the fall. But then I felt a arm wrap round my waist and pull me up. I turned around and George was smiling at me.

" Well I owed you, cuz you saved me at the hospital." George said while blushing. "Oh yeah you did." I said.

I stared into his eyes his gorgeous eyes. Everything about his face and body was flawless. The dimples when he smiled, the way his hair falls perfectly into place and his stunning eyes. The way they twinkle when he's happy and the deep brown that I lose myself in. I...I..I think.. I love George.

Then George grabbed my hand, which snapped me to reality and we walked back to the livingroom. The whole time we were in there I just stared at him, he is just... perfect

sorry for the very very very late chapter hope you like it. I will also update strong tomoz

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