Chapter 7

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Alices POV

I woke up at 4 o'clock the next day. I had hardly slept. The whole night I wondered why I fancied George. This couldnt be happening! I hoped that I only liked him because he saved me. I flopped out of bed and fell off onto the floor. As I sat up I hit my head on the bedside table.

" SHIT!" I shouted out.

I stood up and ran into the kitchen to get some peas. As I sat down to rest, I heard a song. I got up and jogged to the door. It was a Beyoncé song! Then it hit me, JAYMI!!!!


" Hey JJ." I said when I greeted him.

" Hey there is two people I really want you to meet." He replied excitingly.

"Who??" I asked

Then Jaymi and Josh walked in. I hugged Josh and welcomed him in. Then Jaymi gave me a giant bear hug.

That evening we spent all night together. We did eachothers hair, nails and we did a fashion show. Afterwards we watched Titanic with Josh. Then Josh took me out...

~~~~~~~~~end of flashback~~~~~~~~~

Then my flashback ended. That night I remembered that Josh took me out on a date and we kissed. Three months later we were together, we had great memories and... I fell to the floor and cried. The memory was a memory I didnt want to remember. I had pushed mine and Josh's relationship out of my head because about 8 months into our relationship I became pregnant and we had decided to have the baby but then I had I miscarriage. I snapped out of my depression daze and I heard the phone ringing again. I ran to the room it was coming out of and answered the phone.

" HEY ALICE!!!" I heard.



" I know I know hahaha. Josh said that George found you and that you have seen JJ and Josh and NOT ME!" He said.

I could see the pouting face he was making already.

" Well I have seen Josh but he didnt say hi. Me and George had music on he came out of his room and said he was going out. Then left." I said tears threatening to fall.

" Well you havent spoke to him since x factor have you?"

" No" I sniffled.

" Anyway the reason I rang is that George came out clubbing last night and him and Josh are still a bit drunk. George didnt take his car. George's car keys or on the hook by the door and I was wondering if you could pick them up. "

I wondered if I really wanted to see Josh but I guess I had no choice.

" Sure tell me the address, im on my way." I said

This could be the worse mistake of my life but hey I havent seen him in a while, it might not be that bad...

hey guys so here is another chapter. can you believe that Alice used to be with Josh and they almost had a baby together ohhhh drama. But I wonder what George would say .....

- Asjha the mischievous monkey

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