Chapter 2

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I could hear but not see. My eyelids felt heavy. With great struggle I managed to open my eyes just enough to be blinded by light. Then I remembered the events that had occured. I remembered the mystery boy and how he promised to take me to a hospital. The more I thought about the mystery boy, the more I recognised him. But then a quiet whisper distracted me from my thoughts.

I heard " Ummmm hi, you must be Alice."

Then I knew exactly who was sat next to me. It was JJ's bandmate, George Shelley. I can say that I wasn't a Jcat but I loved JJ, George, Josh and Jaymi. I loved their music and their personalitys. But I had never met George before. When JJ text me that George had been put with them on the xfactor, I wanted to know more. I watched loads of interviews with the boys and well... you could say George was, well, my favourite.

I opened my eyes fully and turned my head to the left. It hurt and I groaned. George grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze and he mumbled " Its ok. The nurse said that you wont be able to talk for a while because you had an operation."

I managed to mumble a reply, " H-h-how-w-w l-lon-n-ng have y-y-you-u-u be-e-en her-r-re?"

"All night. I couldn't leave you. Also your friends with JJ and if he found out I left you he would kick my ass." George chuckled.

I used all my strength to sit up in bed and I asked " I had an operation? Well there is a first for everything!"

"You don't seem worried about your health." George said.

"Im not. I don't care I have no where to stay, no money and no family."

" Well you have JJ and you will have Josh and Jaymi and ME!!" George shouted.

" Shhhhh George!" I said while playfully hitting his arm.

" Awww does someone get embarrassed easily."

" Yeah I do." I laughed.

George made me feel safe and happy. We got on so well and we spoke for hours on end until visiting hours were over. George left but he promised he would be back in the morning with a surprise.

I couldnt sleep that night.

I felt sick and I had a terrible pain in my chest. I screamed out in pain late in the night. I remember nurses rushing in the room. I was scared but I was terrified when I saw a needle. I have a terrible fear of needles everything about them made me shiver. As soon as I saw it, I fainted.

so hope this good. probs not but I DONT CARE lol. I have so much inspiration for this story. the chapters are short but they will be updated regularly.

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