Chapter 6

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you love George! You love George!! The voice in my head chanted over and over. I wish I didnt because he wouldnt like me back I mean we have only known eachother for a few days.

we are just friends we are just friends. I chanted over and over in my head. its just a crush. I thought,  I hope so...

Georges POV

As I lay in Josh's bed I was almost dreaming while awake. I was in Josh's bed because Alice is sleeping in my bed. She is so stunning and funny and just so strong. I am so glad we best friends. She makes me sooo happy. Then my phone vibrated.

It was from Josh. " Hey im going clubbing with JJ, Jaymi and Olly u wanna come?? x"

I replied " Ummm whats with the kiss! ? and I cant with Alice."

Then he sent this " Aww come on mate its not the same without you. Please??"

Then he sent another

" She will be fine."

Aww why not I said. I rolled out of bed put a pair of baige trousers on with a spotty tshirt and a beanie. I tip toed out of Josh's room and into mine. Alice lay peacefully asleep. Then I heard a mumble.

" George..." was all I heard.  I turned around and Alice was still asleep. Then she groaned. Ohhh shes sleep talking. I thought. I wrote a note telling her I was going out to see Jaymi. Then I tip toed to the front door put my coat on and as I left the house I thought.

What could possibly go wrong...

hey guys I know this is short but I wanted you guys to wait because I ended on a cliffhanger lol. xxxx

- asjha the happy bunny

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