Chapter 8

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As I pulled up to the club I saw Jaymi sat on the pavement with Olly leaning on his shoulder. Next to Olly was George curled up in a ball with Josh next to him. I sighed as I got out the car.

I cant believe im doing this. I thought I was going to have a normal life and here I am picking up my best friends band members off the side if the street! I thought to myself. As I walked up to George his stunning brown eyes opened to look straight at me. I couldnt help but smile.

"Come here" I said to George. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my neck,  holding himself up. We stumbled over to my car and I opened the back door for him. I shut the door and walked back over to the pavement. As I walked over Jaymi had stood up and was leading Olly towards a cab.

Jaymi smiled at me and mouthed "Josh never stopped loving you."

Then he got in the cab and it drove away.

I stood starstruck by what he just said then I thought does he? But he stopped loving me  a long time ago...

I turned to look towards Josh, his eyes still closed. 1 month begore he left for x factor I had a miscarriage and we had a row. He said so many things to me, that I didn't want to remember. He left me! Why would he still love me? He kicked me out and I lived on the streets for a while until I could pick up the courage to see my mum. I lived with her until I decided to come to London.

I walked up to Josh and kicked him in the stomach, then his balls. That was for all the hurt he caused me! He groaned loudly, but he never opened his eyes. I dragged him towards the car and plonked him in the back aswell. I started the car and drove back to Georges flat.

When I got back George was still asleep so I practically carried him to the lift. I placed him on the floor and hit the button to the right floor. I realised I had to get the keys out of Georges pocket because I got out the flat with Josh's key that I gave to Josh while we were in the car. As I reached into George's pocket he moaned.

" Ergh" I groaned. "Thats disgusting! " I said when he moaned again. I shook my head and unlocked the door. I dropped him on the sofa and walked back to the car.

When I opened to car door Josh opened his eyes. Oh god! I thought. Josh stood up by himself and walked past me. I turned around to see him fall over, For gods sake!!! My brain yelled. But I knew I had to help him when I saw him trying to crawl to the door.

I put my arm round his waist and hoisted him up. Once we had got back to the flat Josh walked away from me and sat in the armchair. I moved George's legs and sat on the end of the sofa. Josh's eyes drooped. I sighed and grabbed the blanket off the back of the sofa and put it over George. I stroked his hair to the side. It was so fluffy and soft. His breathing was slow and peaceful. I smiled.

3 hours later

I sat up and walked into the kitchen. I got a glass off the side and opened the fridge. As I was pouring the orange juice I heard a noise from the living room. I flinched. I quietly placed the orange juice back in the fridge and closed the fridge door. I tip toed ( with my orange juice ) back into the living room. 

Josh looked up at me, and smiled! !! Wtf he smiled!!! I thought. I walked over to him and handed him the orange juice. I went and sat back down next to George. He had been asleep for ages, he drank way too much! I grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze just to see if he was ok. He was kind of half asleep half awake, it was kind of creepy. He squeezed my hand back and I felt butterflies shoot through my stomach. awwww he is cute when he's sleeping. That voice in my head was back!!

I looked over at Josh and he was looking right at me.

" Hi " He whispered.


" Im sorry ok?!?! I didnt know what to do I was upset ok??" Josh said only raising his a voice a little.

George's eyes fluttered open to reveal his deep chocolate brown eyes. I frowned at Josh for us waking him up, then I looked down to George and smiled. He smiled back at me.

" Its ok go back to sleep, you need to." I mumbled to him. He nodded and closed his eyes. He's like a cute baby when he's hungover. The voice inside my head said. I sighed and looked back over to Josh. He was drinking the orange juice, he finished and placed the glass on the floor.

" Just because I did that doesnt mean I didnt love you, I never stopped."

" Then why did you never call or text??" I asked.

" I was frightened.  I was worried you wouldnt want to see me." Josh said in a defeated voice.

" Its ok you know?? I know it was hard on you but what you did hurt me mentally and physically. "

" I didn't know you were going to live on the streets." Josh said. He looked up at me and whispered " I love you ao much you know. I was going to have a baby with you for god sake."

I looked at him, hope filled his eyes. He was right. We loved eachother so much we were going to have a baby so young together. And he still loves me even after a year, maybe he does still love??

I stood up and walked over to him. He stood up and my lips crashed into his. Sparks flew and we deepened the kiss. I hadn't felt his lips in a very long time and it felt good, but I dont know if it was right.

George's POV

I woke up to a pounding head. As I looked up I saw Alice looking down at me. She whispered " Its ok go back to sleep, you need to." But I heard her and Josh shouting at eachother. Sadly I couldn't work out what they were saying. But after a while I felt Alice stand up. I slowly opened my eyes to see why, but I opened my eyes to see her walking up to Josh.

But then out of the blue SHE KISSED HIM!!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Her and Josh were fucking kissing!!! I didn't know what to think until, I felt something,  I dont know why I felt it but I did. I felt jealousy...

HEY GUYS This is seriously late but oh well its the longest chapter I have ever done so I hope this makes up for it love ya!!

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